Inga Berzina
colors, colors everywhere
Thu Jan 18, 2018 17:39

Inga was appalled by the dreamcatcher she had been given, it started beautiful and jet-black, and now it was this garish red and gold. Red AND gold?? She could put up with one color, but not two. Colors were for accessories, not for matching. And good grief was the Headmaster wearing a floral print? She was even more certain that this school was not for her. Didn’t these people understand that color was for nature and flags, not outfits? How could she learn magic if she was going to be distracted by heinous shirts? It was almost enough to make her walk out of the Finer Diner and learn magic on her own in the Rocky Mountains. However, her parents had made a huge change in their lives for her to be able to go to RMI, and she figured she should give it more than 24 hours before she gives up on it.

So, she followed the floral man’s instructions and headed to the Draco bonfire, grabbing an apple from a platter on the way. She would admit, being sorted into Draco was a little exciting, despite the colors. The whole concept of houses named after constellations was fascinating, and did indicate that maybe someone at this school understood how magical the natural world was. While thinking about the possibility that someone here might actually understand her and that maybe the place had its upsides when the apple she grabbed a moment ago decided to take a flying leap and roll right into another student.

Inga looked at the girl who was offering her the runaway apple back, and she thinks she may have found the most colorful person in the entire school. Bright colors and glitter, and was that lip gloss? And Inga, in an outburst she is sure her teachers at her last school would have reprimanded her for, “Does everyone America wear this much color all the time? What is wrong with sensible black? Oh and thank you.”

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    • colors, colors everywhere - Inga Berzina, Thu Jan 18 17:39
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        “Does everyone America wear this much color all the time? What is wrong with sensible black? Oh and thank you.” Well, that was certainly a first impression. Remington blinked a few times. She didn’t... more
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