Mikael Anselm Lundqvist
Face as red as the fire
Thu Jan 18, 2018 22:13

Anssi’s summer break had been alright. He had gotten to spend a lot of time with Pappa and that was especially nice after having been away for a whole nine months. It was a bit weird too, though, because for the first time ever, it just so happened that he had seen Ruben more during the school year than outside of it. His big brother had been away a lot this summer.

At first it was because Dagny was learning him how to spektral-flytta all the way from their current home in the south of America to their old home in the north of Sweden. That was a huge distance to be poofing magically in between, and even though his big brother was really good at spells and magic, he had needed to practice a lot. Dagny had had to take him on a long winding route at first, to the north of America and then the east of Canada and then Iceland and Britain and finally the north of Sweden. Apparently he had learned very fast and by now could just go to Canada and Iceland and then Sweden. Still, according to their sister at least, he would probably never be able to go straight from America to Sweden. (According to Ruben, he would do it one day just to prove her wrong, obviously.)

But then Ruben’s best friend Kaye had been really sick, and so Ruben kept practicing spektral-flykt sometimes in the long distances but more often just to where Kaye lived, which was a different city in Texas. Anssi had asked once if he could come along but Ruben had explained that it was better for only him to go because she might not like for other people to see her when she was sick. He had then also pointed out that magical poofing travel was even more uncomfortable than their dreamcatcher Portkeys, and that just settled it for him. Anssi might not have a real serious sickness like Kaye, but Portkeys made him feel a bit sick anyways.

It seemed that Kaye was feeling better, or just hiding that she felt sick, because she looked happy-ish and even waved back when Anssi caught her eye by accident and waved to be polite. He was trying to hide that he felt sick, too. It took him sitting perfectly still by the reddest fire for almost all of the new Headmaster’s talk to finally decide that no, his stomach wasn’t going to run away from his body. Now he could focus on the other Dracos. And also food. And maybe that was a mistake, because he was barely two bites into his knäckebröd sandwich when his stomach decided that the cheese and butter was something worth running away from after all.

Fortunately, Anssi was small but he could run fast, and he made it to the bathroom outside the dining hall just in time. Unfortunately, he was then in such a fluster to get back and pretend everything was normal that he only took a brief pause to splash his flushed cheeks with water before racing back into the hall and towards the red fire - and then he tripped over his shoelace and fell right over another Draco! The blonde boy yelped as he went down, screwing his eyes shut tight so that he didn’t have to see the floor coming even though that wouldn’t stop it from hurting a bit. “Are you okay?” he asked gaspily, in between catching his breath, eyes still closed so that he didn’t have to see who he had crashed into. Getting sick from the Portkey was embarrassing enough; this was even worse!

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