Try looking on the bright side
Fri Jan 19, 2018 06:29

Just because Leo was grumpy all the time, it didn’t mean that other people couldn’t be happy all the time. Myffi could easily believe that Toby was, in fact, that happy. She could believe it more easily than she would believe that Leo was always grumpy, if experience hadn’t told her otherwise. She shrugged at his disbelief and continued to ignore his grump and his beef burger.

Myffi liked to be surprised by people, especially when it was a pleasant surprise, so she started smiling again as soon as Leo expressed an interest in AgriClub. “Oh my gosh yes you should totally come,” Myffi enthused. “When the food’s ready we all sit down to enjoy a meal that we’ve grown, and you can make suggestions about what sort of crops you want to grow, and we have a super fun time,” she said, pausing her eating long enough to get excited about the prospect of another member joining her club. She was hoping some of the new first years might be interested, but she hadn’t considered the possibility that some of the older exisiting students might want to come along as well. That was great! This year was getting better by the minute. “So if you have any ideas or anything you can just let me know,” she suggested, without pushing him for any answers because Leo had only just mentioned it, and she didn’t want to put him off coming by being too pushy.

Leo didn’t seem too happy about his spectacle situation. Myfanwy supposed it was always hard to make adjustments, but hopefully being able to see more clearly was a suitable compensation for wearing glasses. “All the better to see you with,” Myffi replied. She had been teased about glasses once or twice when she was much, much younger, but nobody did things like that anymore. Nobody was that childish. Maybe Leo had already been teased - maybe he had siblings. Younger brothers and sister could be the worst. Myffi knew - she liked to tease Cledan about everything. “I think they look nice on you,” she offered, in case he had been feeling self-conscious.

“Anyway there must be something about this year you’re looking forward to,” the sixth year suggested as she scooped more curry from her box. “Aside from AgriClub, I mean,” she smiled. “Like classes, or Quidditch, or the fact that it isn’t a thousand degrees here.”

  • Ouch - Leopold, Wed Jan 17 08:45
    Leo wrinkled his nose. Watching Myffi pull out that little tub of gloop hurt his eyes. He didn’t want to know what it would do to his taste buds. He turned his attention to his burger, thankful for... more
    • Try looking on the bright side - Myffi, Fri Jan 19 06:29
      • You're asking a lot of me - Leo, Fri Jan 19 20:42
        Leo looked over at Myffi’s dinner in concern. He’d been interested in AgriClub for the mucking around, getting your hands dirty aspect. And like maybe it would be nice to actually see some results... more
        • I believe in you - Myffi, Sat Jan 20 08:21
          “Do all these meals have to be super vegan, or is it cool to bring a bit of fish along once in a while?” Leo asked. Myffi paused to consider. They’d only had one meal before, and there hadn’t been... more
          • Leo was surprised at how swiftly Myffi had accepted his non-vegan suggestion. He had really thought he was going to have to fight a bit harder for that one. Maybe she wasn’t as unreasonable as he’d... more
            • That's what friends are for - Myffi, Thu Jan 25 06:39
              Leo said he would probably come to Agriclub, and Myffi beamed with delight. She was glad she’d sat next to Leo. He didn’t seem so grumpy now as he had right at the start of their conversation. Maybe... more
              • Then I guess we're friends now - Leo, Mon Jan 29 16:52
                It wasn’t very often that Leo was the cause of someone’s smile, normally he was much more effective at causing people to scowl at him. In fact when Leo had first come to RMI he’d often got into... more
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