No I'm just like this
Fri Jan 19, 2018 06:52

If Dylan was to be believed - and so far Jesse had no reason not to trust him - he would have a roomate, and it would be the boy with the K name that he had met already. The boy who had been eating cookies with m&ms in them. That was okay, Jesse decided, because he wasn’t sure he would be able to sleep on his own, having been so used to there being another person there with him, and Kenneth probably wouldn’t hit him with stuff as much as Felix did.

Dylan had roomates, too, and also brothers, although he didn’t say specifically that he shared his room with his brothers, but then he did say something about a charm to stop snoring, so he probably shared a room with someone. Either that or his brothers had super loud snores that Dylan could hear even when they were in a different room. They would have quite a large house if all the brothers had different rooms, but not so large they couldn’t hear each other snore, apparently. Felix didn’t snore, as far as Jesse was aware. Or maybe he did, but only when Jesse was sleeping, so that wasn’t a problem. Jesse was good at sleeping. He expected a small amount of snoring wouldn’t wake him up. “I don’t think I’ll need charms,” he said, shaking his head absently, almost missing his mouth as his raised another forkful of food.

The description of the rest of the House area sounded like somewhere Jesse could easily make himself at home. “I like books,” he said, dark eyebrows raised between a crop of dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. “And puzzles.” Puzzle books were the best sort of books.

Dylan asked about classes then, specifically which classes Jesse might be looking forward to. “All of them,” he said decidedly. He wasn’t a top student, or even really an above average student, but that was okay. Jesse had always liked school, or the learning part of it, anyway. He didn’t get along so well with other kids, but they learned to leave him alone after a while so then everyone was happy. Learning new things was fascinating, and this school was full of things that Jesse didn’t know. He had grown up watching his Dad use summoning and banishing spells, and his Mom use cleaning and cooking spells, but he had never been allowed to try them - he only got his wand two weeks ago - and they had Healing potions and ointments in their home, but Jesse didn’t know how to make them. “I had a look at some of the textbooks and there were some really interesting things in there,” he said sounding pleasantly surprised.

“Is there a class you like best?” Jesse asked. “What about the professors?” To stop himself asking more questions he bit into the unfamiliar food and tasted seasoned meat inside. It was good.

  • Dylan gave the kid a wary look. Asking a barrage of questions then giving him permission to speak? Either Jesse was already well acquainted with wizarding culture and had already accepted madness as... more
    • No I'm just like this - Jesse, Fri Jan 19 06:52
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