The worst is yet to come
Fri Jan 19, 2018 07:26

Danny was already helping himself to a dish of couscous salad that looked like it was filled with grilled chicken and pomegranate as well as vegetables, when Emmett eloquently reignited the topic of Marissa. “Damn, dude, what did you do?”

“Really, Emmett, why must you expect the worst of me?” He affected feeling wounded, whilst wondering if that was a just question to be asked. He had tried his best with Marissa, but then he had sort of had a betrothal offer and not told her about it, and he had told her that he’d found another person attractive while they had been dating, so even without her finding his lifestyle unpalatable she probably had reason enough to call it quits. Of course he couldn’t tell Emmett either of those things.

“It was the everything, apparently,” Danny paraphrased with a self-deprecating smile, distractedly smoothing a wrinkle from his grey slacks. “She didn’t get on with my family, my whole future deal is a bit overwhelming,” he listed vaguely, expertly lifting a glass of lemonade from a passing house elf in a well-practiced manoeuvre. “I guess we needed to summer to figure that out.” He shrugged. Nobody had asked Emmett what he’d done to get dumped; they’d all just assumed Marissa had gotten bored and moved on. He wasn’t sure whether that was better or worse.

“It’s okay,” he assured Emmett, because he knew that there had been lots of tensions among their group last year, and he wanted to reassure his friend that he didn’t anticipate that sort of awkwardness happening again. At least not with Marissa. “We’re on good terms, we both agreed it was the right decision. I mean it still sucks, but, it’s okay.” That was the most basic but also a fairly accurate description of Danny's feelings on the matter.

“Anyway, how was your summer?” Danny started eating as he waited for Emmett to elaborate. This would be the last time they got to catch up about their summers like this, and that was weird. Although probably not as weird as it was going to be for Emmett next year, attending the feast without the rest of them being there.

  • I've had worse - Emmett Lawrence, Wed Jan 17 20:08
    Emmett had hoped that once - just once - he would portkey into the Finer Diner uneventfully. Much to his chagrin, however, his streak of flubbing it up lived long and prospered. The world swooshed... more
    • The worst is yet to come - Dardanius, Fri Jan 19 07:26
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