Garen & Madeleine Tennant
Places, please, new Lyras!
Fri Jan 19, 2018 09:30

“Are you ready?”

“I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready do the spell!”

Garen Tennant cast the Sonorus Charm on his daughter. When he gave the Head of House speech on his own, he just projected. Madeleine could be loud, but her eight-year-old lungs weren’t up to the task of overpowering the chatter in the Finer Diner. “All right, go ahead. You know what to say?”

Madeleine nodded with enthusiasm, brown curls bouncing. “Hi everyone,” Madeleine said, now very loud. “Could all of the new Lyras please come over here to us so we can show you where you live now? Everyone else can keep eating. Happy dinner!”

Garen watched the handful of new Lyras gather to his and Madeleine’s position near the golden staff bonfire as the other Heads of House collected their students. Aaron’s appointment to the position for Cetus was the reason Madeleine was joining Garen in addressing the Lyras this year. In previous terms, Aaron would take the kids back to the apartment; now that he had his own post-feast responsibilities, they had to figure out something else. Madeleine had rejected the idea of going back to the Administrative Quarters with Celia and the Hier-Jacobs kids and had proposed helping Garen talk to the Lyras. It was very hard for him to say no when she was this excited about an idea.

“Right,” Garen said to the students, loud enough without the use of a Sonorus Charm. “My name is Garen Tennant, and I am—”

“No, I want to do it.”

“Oh,” said Garen, a little taken aback. Well, all right then. “Take it away, Madeleine.”

“Mr. Tennant is the Head of Lyra and the counselor and the Drama Club director,” Madeleine recited, all in one breath. “And he’s also my dad. Now we’re going to do a tour and take you to the Lyra Common Room. Follow us!”

Garen led the way, but he quickly realized he didn’t have to do much on this tour. Just like he usually did, Madeleine pointed out the landmarks between the Finer Diner and the Lyra Common Room. This included greeting every single portrait by name and introducing the students to them, so the walk took slightly longer than Garen was used to, but the group eventually arrived at a blank bit of wall between two paintings.

“You have to do a little performance to get into the Lyra Common Room,” Madeleine announced. “Because it’s the artsy House. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be good, you just have to sing or hum or whistle or recite a song. The door isn’t going to judge you, it just likes to hear some music. The password song is different every month but right now it’s—” She glanced at Garen for the answer. He bent down to whisper the song to Madeleine. “Right now it’s ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head,’” she announced, and then started to sing. She did a little dance with it too, which was not strictly necessary, but was very cute.

The space between the paintings opened and widened to reveal the passage that led into the Lyra Common Room. The students could hear the next line of the melody coming from the doorway, as if played on a distant piano. Madeleine led the charge through the passage. Garen waited until the rest of the group had entered before following the new Lyras into the Common Room.

Not bad for her first Head of House speech.

[OOC: Even though this speech has been posted, the Opening Feast isn’t over! Feel free to continue your threads at the feast. This speech just means that you can post on other boards, like the Lyra Commons, the Quidditch Pitch, the Theater, etc. You don’t need to reply to this post unless you really want to—it’ll be continued in the Lyra Common Room, where Garen will be taking any of your students’ new-to-school questions/comments/concerns.]

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