Okay but we're definitely in the same library
Fri Jan 19, 2018 15:37

Oh! Claudia was the sort of person who didn’t like being touched. That was okay. Grandpa Aaron sometimes got like that and it was important that they respect it when people didn’t want to be touched, that was what Dad said. Kit sometimes got overexcited and forgot about what Dad said about that but it was always okay in the end because she could say sorry and as long as she meant it that was the thing that was important. Saying sorry and then trying really hard not to do it again. The second part was the part Kit was sometimes not so good at because she forgot things pretty easily but she did her best.

“Sorry!” she said, hands safely tucked into the pockets of her pants so it would be harder to forget. “I would give you a hug to say sorry too but that would mean I wasn’t listening to you so I won’t give you a hug.” Kit flashed Claudia a bright smile. Claudia was so nice and pretty, even if she was wrong about Danny and Marissa being perfect for each other. Maybe if Claudia had come over and hung out with them and dressed up like an alien experiment too, she would understand better. And Kit was just about to suggest that both Claudia and Danny come over during Midterm to watch Leroy and Stitch (which was notably a separate from Lilo and Stitch 2, or the TV show, or the anime) when Claudia said something very confusing.
Kit wrinkled her nose.

“I don’t know why he needs a brothel offer,” she said. And even if Danny did need a brothel offer, what was wrong with him and Marissa having a brothel offer together? Also what did traceable magical lineage mean? That was a lot of long words but Kit knew for sure that her family was magical because Mom and Dad had both gone to RMI and they were in Lyra, just like her. “And it is so my business! I’m Marissa’s little sister and it’s my job to make sure she’s happy!” well maybe not all the time like when Marissa took the last cookie or stole one of Kit’s scrunchies but definitely most of the time. Maybe Claudia didn’t understand because she had a big brother and not a big sister.

“Anyway Marissa and Danny can have a brothel together instead. A magical brothel. Because my family is magic too.” Kit’s chin had come out a little stubbornly and she placed both fisted hands on her hips, waiting for Claudia’s rebuttel.

  • We're not even in the same book - Claudia, Fri Jan 19 15:08
    Kit was touching her. Katherine Kendrick was touching her right now. Claudia was forced to wonder what wrong turns she had taken in her life that had brought her to this point. They weren’t even in... more
    • Okay but we're definitely in the same library - Kit, Fri Jan 19 15:37
      • I'll concede to that - Claudia, Sat Jan 20 07:26
        Good grief there was no predicting what would happen next in any situation where Kit was involved. Claudia was suspecting that any sort of logical reasoning was going to be a complete waste of her... more
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