I'll concede to that
Sat Jan 20, 2018 07:26

Good grief there was no predicting what would happen next in any situation where Kit was involved. Claudia was suspecting that any sort of logical reasoning was going to be a complete waste of her breath, and she was resigned to a long conversation with one of her least favorite people. Kit’s temperament and physical appearance were equally off putting to Claudia, but the younger student had also adversely affected her grades on more than one occasion, so she had legitimate reasons to not place Kit in high regard. However there was something strangely endearing about her innocence which was infuriating for Claudia, but lucky for Kit, because otherwise the fourth year would have lost all patience for her.

First things first. “Not a brothel, Kit,” Claudia said calmly. “That’s - something else. A betrothal,” she carefully emphasized the word, “is when two people agree to get married. Marissa and Danny could do that,” she said reluctantly - Dardanius had made lots of peculiar decisions, at this stage it might not even surprise Claudia if he were to throw caution to the wind and decide to marry someone completely ridiculous - “but I think,” and her information was second-hand, but she had no reason to suspect Danny would make this part up, “that it was Marissa’s decision to break up.” So if Kit was doing this just to make her sister happy, she was howling to the wrong nymph.

Before all the food had gone, Claudia took two dishes of chow mein from an aptly-timed passing house elf and passed one to Kit. “It’s admirable that you want to be proactive in ensuring your sister’s happiness,” she said, “but why do you think that getting our siblings back together is the way to do it?” Personally, Claudia believed that now the couple had separated, they would both be more content, as being in a relationship that could not progress much further would surely be tiresome. Although, she considered with some melancholy, she had never entertained the idea of marrying Connor, but she would not have minded the progression of their relationship. No, she wasn’t thinking about that. She was thinking about Marissa dn Danny, apparently, and eating mediocre Chinese food.

  • Oh! Claudia was the sort of person who didn’t like being touched. That was okay. Grandpa Aaron sometimes got like that and it was important that they respect it when people didn’t want to be touched, ... more
    • I'll concede to that - Claudia, Sat Jan 20 07:26
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