Once more with feeling
Sat Jan 20, 2018 10:29

It was the beginning of Rose’s seventh year and already the question of university had taken over her life.

It wasn’t her fault. She hadn’t changed her plans; for her entire life - well, okay not quite that long, but for most of her academic life - she had been planning to go to a competitive university in the United States or Canada. Canada had been pretty much ruled out because McGill was the only real contender and the developmental charms program wasn’t as strong as it could have been, in Rose’s opinion. Which left the United States.

For reasons she could only attribute to a severe lack of caring and involvement in his childrens’ lives, Charles Farnon had managed to either not realise or willfully forget Rose’s plans until July. When Rose had casually mentioned that she wouldn’t need any financial assistance applying to university because she had her job on Pearl Street, there had been a minor explosion at the dinner table. Admittedly, Rose usually only mentioned her job to her father to irritate him, but she hadn’t fully expected the reaction to her plans for university. But it had turned into a full-out yelling match which had turned into indoor lightning and Rose stomping off in anger and embarrassment with her father yelling at her on the way out. She had nearly left and gone to Marissa’s for the rest of the summer, but Rose didn’t really want to be around Marissa while she was finalizing her plans for uni. Their plans for uni.

Because what Rose had decided was that she would do was tell Marissa where she was applying, and then also tell Marissa where she should apply. Places that Rose had researched that were close to schools that she wanted to go to, so they could live together. There was Flooing and Apparition, but Rose didn’t want to live very far from her university campus because she wanted the full experience. It was going to work out. It had to work out. Things were going to be fine.

Still, when her Portkey twirled Rose into the hallway outside the Finer Diner for what would be the last time, the vaguely nauseous feeling wasn’t just due to her mode of travel. She quickly separated from her brothers (after a kick at Connor’s shins to remind him to behave himself this year) and went to the Aquila fire, where she found Marissa. The first thing that Rose noticed, as she smoothed her maroon pleated skirt and sat down, was that her best friend had cut her hair. Rose would have commented, but the new Headmaster decided to start his speech, so she stayed silent until he called her name to come up as one of the new Head Students, at which point a hiss of “yesss” came under her breath. Rose stood and made her way to the front of the room, where Headmaster Morgan pinned something to the front of her robes.

The Opening Feast was one of the only things Rose ever wore her school robes for. Technically speaking, RMI had a required uniform but Headmaster Bonilla had never been any good at enforcing it and from what Marissa’s parents had told her, Headmaster Guido hadn’t been any good at it either. In her opinion, her outfit didn’t really work with her robes because she hated wearing skirts and robes, and the gray of her sheer shirt was too much gray when combined with the robes, but by the time she had remembered that she would be throwing her robes over the outfit, it was too late. Rose had considered eschewing the uniform for her last Opening Feast, but after recognizing it was not unlikely she’d be selected as Head Student (Holland was going to get it, obviously, and then it was down to her and Danny) she had decided the safe bet was to wear it.

When Rose returned to the fire, she realized Marissa was standing and clapping. She grinned. Marissa was the most supportive best friend anyone could have asked for. It was no surprise when Marissa suggested they celebrate, but it was a surprise when the other girl said ‘not a party’. If there was any one thing Marissa was known for, it was her parties. Rose didn’t necessarily thing that her being promoted to Head Student with Holland warranted a party, but Marissa didn’t usually need an excuse to hold a party.

“Yes, let’s,” Rose whispered back, before sitting down and listening to the rest of the Headmaster’s speech.

Once that was done and the house-elves had appeared, Rose selected a small plate with some moussaka on it with a fork, and then turned to Marissa. “I like the haircut, but why?” she asked. It seemed like a weird choice for Marissa. Not a bad one, just an odd one.

Rose took a bite of moussaka as she waited for Marissa to answer. Tasty as ever.

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