Casper Levine
Blue, with silver lining
Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:06

There were few things as exciting as a bonfire, and Casper hoped that there would be marshmallows. That would probably raise his mood a little. Having arrived at the school, the eleven year old was feeling somewhat anxious about staying away from home, and truly hoped that the people here were nice to him (or, at least some of them – it would be absurd if everyone were expected to get along, it just wasn't human nature.) He'd only spent a few nights away from home before, staying with friends, or being away with family which frankly barely counted because, to Casper, family was home; this was a very new experience. He had to admit, he wasn't feeling his best.

Stood with a gaggle of other first years, Casper shifted his weight side to side nervously, though with an ever increasing hint of excitement. He thought about all the things he'd learn this year, and all the people he'd meet – and possibly may have met already if he weren't so intent on staring at the floor and chewing his lip. He probably looked a little peculiar. The presence of his new head teacher – Toby, apparently, as the man introduced himself – stirred Casper from his introverted trance as first years were requested to hold their dreamcatchers and discover their new house. After a brief moment of panic that he didn't have it on him, despite knowing for absolute certain that he did, Casper pulled the dreamcatcher from his pocket and, from the moment it was in his hands, watched it fade from black into an attractive blue and silver. 'Cetus,' Casper thought to himself, eyeing the house bonfire, 'cool.'

He took a deep breath, attempted to neaten his ever-messy dark hair and wandered over, as instructed by Toby. Upon nearing the group, he waved incredibly awkwardly and then sat down with a small sigh, knowing he would replay that moment in his mind for the rest of his life. He'd never been particularly cool, but of all the times to be so obviously uncool, this had to be one of the worst.

Still, Casper glanced around at his housemates while leaning in toward the food, at least there were marshmallows.

  • Cetus Bonfire (nm) - Busy, Busy House Elves, Sun Jan 14 11:33
    • Blue, with silver lining - Casper Levine, Sat Jan 20 12:06
      • There's always a silver lining here! - Russell Drew, Sat Jan 20 22:39
        When Russell arrived at RMI, the first thing he did was pace a few steps around (because Portkeys always messed with his sense of direction) and the second thing he did was straighten his sunglasses... more
    • Sharing is caring - Andrew Tennant, Sun Jan 14 20:18
      The weirdest thing that had happened over the summer was that Drew had gotten an apology letter from Connor Farnon. Specifically, it was an apology for using the words Connor had used. At least that... more
      • First Impression - Leon Finnin, Tue Jan 16 11:55
        Leon was quite nervous stepping into the school for the first time. This was real magic, it still hadn’t clicked for him that he was a real wizard, and his mom was a real witch. Even though it was 3... more
        • I hope it’s a good one - Drew, Tue Jan 16 23:52
          Drew recognized the other Cetus as one of the first-years who had just been sorted. The second-year was going to introduce himself, because that was what you did when you met a new person, but the... more
          • Moving On - Leon Finnin, Wed Jan 17 12:47
            Leon gratefully drinks the milk, his eyes watering with the last of the spice. He looks back at the older boy and smiles. Then he looks down at his burger, the Irish boy’s face turns a shade of red... more
            • To bigger and better things? - Drew, Thu Jan 18 16:35
              Instead of answering—you know, like a normal person would—the other student trailed off and ate the whole rest of his burger. The top bun was mostly gone because he’d sacrificed it to the spicy... more
              • Leon smiled, “Drew… got it!” It seemed like he got away with the change of subject. Drew didn’t seem to press questioning which was good. He didn’t want to have to lie to the friendly older boy. “So... more
                • Would something big and safe work? - Drew, Fri Jan 19 18:31
                  “Yeah, of course they are. House elves like doing work,” Drew said. Muggleborns didn’t really get how house elves worked, which was fair. Most house elves wouldn’t take money or anything even if you... more
                  • Like a prison or a kennel? - Leon, Mon Jan 22 22:03
                    Leon's mind raced with so many questions. Though one thing Drew said stuck in the first years mind, “your step dad is our head of house?” Though the boy didn't know much about magic schools he did... more
                    • I was thinking like a bouncy castle - Drew, Tue Jan 23 00:36
                      “It’s not that weird,” Drew said, shrugging. His dad was the Head of Lyra, plus the counselor and the director. And his aunt (sort-of aunt—out of all his aunts, Cindra was the least close to being... more
                      • Bouncy castles are dangerous - Leon, Fri Jan 26 00:33
                        “Oh, How…” Leon started to ask does that work but decided better of it. Instead the boy thought he would just nod and smile in response to him almost making a big mistake. Sure he was told that... more
                        • They’re like fun padded rooms! - Drew, Fri Jan 26 12:09
                          Leon started to ask a question and Drew mentally braced himself for whatever inappropriate question he was about to be asked by the first year. Honestly why couldn’t people just mind their own... more
                          • Like the loony bin? - Leon, Tue Feb 6 12:07
                            Leon turned slightly to Drew, “It’s just that… I don’t know… I think I’m in too deep or something. Like, you know how things work and have a normal magical family. Meanwhile, I just have an... more
                            • But fun! - Drew, Tue Feb 6 23:26
                              Deep in thought, Drew took a cupcake from the house elf’s tray. Leon had said a lot of really intense stuff. Drew was not really up to dealing with that for a few reasons: 1) because it was the... more
    • Judge me by my cover - Claudia Dubois, Sun Jan 14 16:06
      There was nothing good nor pleasant left in Claudia’s scope of experience at Rocky Mountain International, and yet here she was again. She had a best friend who was pretending to be gay and hadn’t... more
      • Only if you judge me by mine - Katherine Kendrick, Sun Jan 14 20:00
        Summer had been 82% awesome for a lot of reasons and a lot of them were weddings. Or almost-weddings, which was close. Aunt Jessie had almost gotten married but then she had gotten baby dragons that... more
        • I do - Claudia, Tue Jan 16 03:04
          The new Headmaster - who she would emphatically not be calling by his first name - did his version of the usual introductory speech, which included naming Holland and Rose as two Head Students.... more
          • I'm glad we're on the same page - Kit, Fri Jan 19 12:44
            It was clear the Claudia had given up hope and Kit thought that was very sad. It was important to never give up hope! Kit was a perpetual optimist even when things were going very wrong, like last... more
            • We're not even in the same book - Claudia, Fri Jan 19 15:08
              Kit was touching her. Katherine Kendrick was touching her right now. Claudia was forced to wonder what wrong turns she had taken in her life that had brought her to this point. They weren’t even in... more
              • Oh! Claudia was the sort of person who didn’t like being touched. That was okay. Grandpa Aaron sometimes got like that and it was important that they respect it when people didn’t want to be touched, ... more
                • I'll concede to that - Claudia, Sat Jan 20 07:26
                  Good grief there was no predicting what would happen next in any situation where Kit was involved. Claudia was suspecting that any sort of logical reasoning was going to be a complete waste of her... more
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