Russell Drew
There's always a silver lining here!
Sat Jan 20, 2018 22:39

When Russell arrived at RMI, the first thing he did was pace a few steps around (because Portkeys always messed with his sense of direction) and the second thing he did was straighten his sunglasses and smooth down the front of his robes (because those were other things Portkeys messed with). The only time he really wore robes was for the Opening Feast, and sometimes other feast-worthy events, like the last day of classes. Considering all of Holland’s efforts to fix his outfits last term, robes on those occasions were probably for the best. They were good for hiding behind and looking presentable.

Being completely colourblind had its benefits and downsides had no benefits that he had found yet and quite a few downsides. One downside he was not personally aware of but clearly existed anyways, as demonstrated by the odd looks he got on occasion. He was good at grayscale-matching, but to the non-grayscale-seeing community (i.e. everyone else) apparently this resulted in some… interesting… colour combinations. The combined forces of Holland and Marissa had given him tips - patterns don’t mix with other patterns, not even if your tops and bottoms are both striped, there is such a thing as owning too many Hawaiian shirts, socks are never to be worn in sandals, etcetera. The socks-and-sandals bit he disagreed with, although he’d obligingly worn actual sneakers tonight. The rest, he tried his best to follow.

Going into the Diner, Russell immediately veered towards the dark-Cetus-grey bonfire. He nodded to a few acquaintances on the way and offered a hesitant smile at the Lyra bonfire (which quickly turned into a Not Smile when he spotted Kit and oh no where was her pet spider). Sitting down cross-legged, he focused on the Headmaster’s words, only breaking his focus when the first-years began dispersing. Wait, was that new Cetus kid waving at him? Um. Okay. Russell waved back politely. He became noticeably more active at the announcement of the new Head Students - well, somewhat noticeably, because on one hand he wanted to cheer Holland and on the other hand Rose scared him. Still, he managed a mix of loud clapping and staring at the wall behind them, so as to avoid any accidental eye contact with Rose and avoid staring at Holland as the only other option. That was good. Ish.

The first house-elf that walked past him had a platter of… Well, he couldn’t tell by sight, of course, but he smelled curry. Russell was feeling hungrier than he expected, so he requested a big bowl, as well as a glass of milk to counter the spice. Breaking off a bit of naan, he tucked it into the pocket of his robes for his pet mouse Jaws to snack on and then dug into his own meal. Except then another house-elf distracted him - it was carrying desserts, including a cylindrical pile that looked suspiciously like marshmallows. The first-year, the one who had waved, was sitting close by and seemed enraptured by the marshmallows, and Russell chuckled. “Weird to see dessert served so early. I guess it’s your lucky day. Do you need a stick for roasting it?” The sixth-year had no idea if roasting marshmallows at the House bonfires was allowed, but if the boy wanted to, then it was his job as Prefect to make him at home and find a way for it.

  • Blue, with silver lining - Casper Levine, Sat Jan 20 12:06
    There were few things as exciting as a bonfire, and Casper hoped that there would be marshmallows. That would probably raise his mood a little. Having arrived at the school, the eleven year old was... more
    • There's always a silver lining here! - Russell Drew, Sat Jan 20 22:39
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