We're a colorful bunch
Sat Jan 20, 2018 23:33

“Does everyone America wear this much color all the time? What is wrong with sensible black? Oh and thank you.”

Well, that was certainly a first impression. Remington blinked a few times. She didn’t think she was that colorful today. Her clothes were more Draco colored than anything else, and she considered that to be one of the muted houses. Her older cousin showed her how to do makeup a little better, so it looked almost normal today. Just a little lip gloss and mascara, nothing too showy. There were plenty of other people on campus that were way more colorful than she was, especially today. Or always. Marley and Teal were both super bright, and Kit Kendrick certainly had her own kind of flair.

This new student wasn’t talking to any of them, though. She was talking to Remington. Thankfully, the third year had experience at this point talking to people who clearly weren’t from around here, both from her mom’s many travels and her record at opening feast. Last year, she’d met Anssi. The dark-skinned girl nodded a little bit as she considered her answer, and she smiled at the other girl’s thanks. “It’s no problem.”

She decided to bite at the question. “Well, in America, we use color a lot as a form of self-expression. I think it’s really cool. There are people who change their hair color all the time. Holland, they just got their Head Student badge, changes their hair color all the time, and Kaye Packman, over there at the Aquila fire, changes her hair color and style. Long, short, whatever. It’s really cool. Tons of people wear clothes to match their house colors at the opening feast too.”

The Draco paused and smiled at a passing elf before asking her own question. “Welcome to Rocky Mountain International. I’m Remington, and I’m a third year. What’s your name?”

  • colors, colors everywhere - Inga Berzina, Thu Jan 18 17:39
    Inga was appalled by the dreamcatcher she had been given, it started beautiful and jet-black, and now it was this garish red and gold. Red AND gold?? She could put up with one color, but not two.... more
    • We're a colorful bunch - Remington, Sat Jan 20 23:33
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