Ruben Lundqvist
It's not like anyone would miss you here
Sun Jan 21, 2018 00:11

For the last time, Ruben had to go to school on September 1st. That was a huge relief. The seventeen-year-old was no longer pissed about being at RMI in the first place… although it was still completely lame in comparison to Durmstrang and he had serious doubts about the staff’s ability to educate Kalle-Anssi properly. He had been fortunate, attending a good school for the most important, early years of his academic life, but Mikael had never gotten that opportunity. Even if he was able to transfer to Durmstrang when he was older, he would still miss out on learning all of the unique spells and perspectives of magic that had been ingrained in Ruben since he was eleven. And this was Ruben’s last year overseeing his half-brother. It wasn’t enough to make him want to stay at RMI; he just had to make this last year count.

All that said, despite the tradeoff of glíma, Dark Arts, and wilderness exercises for a mediocre Dueling Club (with the exception of Rose), ‘Defense’ taught by the most childish woman, and the underwhelming sport of Quidditch, Ruben had done well for himself since his arrival a year-and-a-half ago. Like, he’d met some pretty cool people. Or should he say, pretty hot people. One of whom he was now making out with beside the Aquila bonfire. Extra hot.

Drawing back from Kaye, but keeping his arm wrapped snug around her waist, Ruben glanced disinterestedly towards the front. He would’ve been happy to keep on with their far more interesting activities and ignore the whole speech, but the new headmaster was way too chipper and unfortunately hard to ignore. It sounded like the only punctuation he knew how to use were exclamation marks. It also sounded like he was from the same part of the world as Myffi. Ruben’s initial thought was negative, but then it occurred to him: Myffi wasn’t half bad. Maybe half crazy, with all of her opinions about how people shouldn’t eat animals despite being at the top of the food chain and fully capable of hunting and butchering sustainably, but she had been surprisingly quick to guess at the reason for his potato-related questions late last term and just as surprisingly quick to jump on board with his not entirely lawful distillery. (Though what even would be the fun if it was lawful?) He didn’t exactly want someone like Myffi in charge of the school, especially not if he had to leave Mikael here under the man’s responsibility, but maybe Toby would also be supportive of his entrepreneurial initiative....

Fan, now the firsties were scattering. Ruben raised a thick eyebrow at one new Aquila who started in his direction, silently daring them to try making a new friend with him. Nothing against kids, but if he had to spend time with kids, he’d prefer it to be with his brother, thanks. He was pleased when the firstie didn’t try to sit down between him and Nolan, who was not as close to him as Kaye was on his other side but still next-closest.

Wait - Holland and Rose had both made Head Student? “Pineapple yeah!” he whooped. He didn’t detach himself from Kaye to applaud (applause was beneath him) but he did raise his free hand to his lips and give a loud whistle. The announcements for new Prefects came next, and Bryn, whose older cousins Ruben had known back at Durmstrang, received similar recognition from the Swede. He still didn’t really get the point of Prefects and Head Students, because it seemed like it was just about power and there were so many other ways to have power that didn’t require a little badge on your chest, but good for them. It seemed all three were happy with themselves.

“Now, where were we?” Smirking at Kaye, tracing his fingers along her waist, he was interrupted before he had a chance to move in by a house-elf balancing a tray stacked with pasta on its head. Eh, that was a good enough reason to hit pause. “How much cheese is in that?” The house-elf promised no less than five types of cheese in the baked penne-and-sausage and, satisfied with that answer, Ruben accepted a bowl of it. While he was waiting for Kaye to stock up on food as well (and casually reminded her to eat some veggies, which he fully expected to be whacked for, but it was worth it), he was addressed by a question on his other side.

It was Nolan. Making a dumb comment, of course. The guy wasn’t as cringe-worthy as Emmett, but he was still… Okay, alright, Ruben hadn’t actually interacted with Nolan much, but he knew second-hand that the younger transfer student had hung out with Kaye on the pitch last year and sat there stuttering like an idiot while she stripped in front of him, and that was a ridiculous way to react to his painfully attractive girlfriend umm. “He asked to be called Toby,” Ruben pointed out, blue eyes rolling automatically. “And it really is not a rude thing to call someone by the first name. In all of the Nordic countries, we use only first names, no matter who a person is - teachers, leaders, even the royal family. It’s the most polite, because in the end you are all on the same level. Although,” he added in afterthought, scooping up a forkful of penne, “I can imagine that is a problem in America. Capitalism ruins your society with unnecessary hierarchies.”

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    • It's not like anyone would miss you here - Ruben Lundqvist, Sun Jan 21 00:11
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