Hunter Ioma
Starting already?
Sun Jan 21, 2018 18:08

Hunter was very happy to be back at RMI. It wasn’t that the wiry thirteen-year-old didn’t like being home. On the contrary, he was always very happy to be home to see his family. But by the end of the summer he always found himself missing the school. This year his brother Grayson was starting at RMI also, and that was cool. It meant his sister was the only kid staying home, but she seemed less sad about that than Hunter did, so she would probably be ok. Privately he thought she’d probably also wind up at RMI in a few years, but he didn’t want to get her hopes up without knowing for sure. Maybe now that he was back at RMI he’d talk to Grayson about it, get his perspective.

For now, the red-headed teenager boggled briefly at the giant dreamcatcher hovering over the Lyra fire before stretched himself out in front of it, leaning back on his elbows, where he’d have a good view of the first years when they came in. Once they did Hunter quickly spotted his brother and waved, but he didn’t think Grayson had seen him. He seemed pretty thoroughly preoccupied staring at the fires themselves, which made sense. Grayson was always interested in everything new he saw.

The headmaster started speaking, and Hunter tilted his head. Something seemed different, but he could quite place his finger on it. He shrugged and turned his attention back to the first years, who were now pulling their dreamcatchers out. Grayson stared at his for a while before heading off toward the Aquila fire. That was good, Aquila was probably a good match for Grayson.

The new headmaster (which Hunter suddenly realized was what was different) said some more things, and then announced the new Head Students and prefects. He cheered with everyone else when Holland was announced as Head Student, and then again when Roger was announced as prefect. Then the house elves came out carrying food and Hunter smiled and thanked one while grabbing a bowl of udon noodles, digging in eagerly.

”So, which year are you starting?”

Hunter craned his head all the way back to see who had spoken and blinked. It was a small girl Hunter hadn’t seen before. “Third,” he answered. “Are you a first year? I don’t think I’ve seen you before. My name is Hunter.”

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    • Starting already? - Hunter Ioma, Sun Jan 21 18:08
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