Where are the bunnies?
Mon Jan 22, 2018 13:11

Seriously, she could not be prouder of her friend. Marissa knew how much this stuff meant to Rose. The two were close almost immediately, so they knew practically everything about each other. Rose had goals and ambition, and Marissa had…well, she was friendly. And she could throw parties. Of the two, the red-head had the ideas and her roommate had the way better plan to execute them. They were a perfect team. So it was weird to think about Rose being at one of her fancy, important schools while Marissa tried to keep up at her less-than-prestigious college.

Not that she was thinking about that right now. It was too stressful. Happy thoughts, Marissa Kendrick.

“I like the haircut, but why?”

Well, that wasn’t really a happy thought. Marissa stopped her smile from fading and managed a shrug. A house elf passed by with a tray of baos, giving her a moment to avoid answering the question. She knew that it wouldn’t be a big deal, because it wasn’t, but the fact that she and Danny had broken up after all of the fuss was still really embarrassing. And Rose was the one she talked to the most whenever the Aquila and Lyra were very seriously doing the will-they-won’t-they dance. If anyone had the right to make fun of her for wasting everyone’s time, it was Rose.

“Mom said it was a breakup haircut,” she admitted after finishing her first bite of beef and pickled vegetables, “So I guess that’s why? I broke up with Danny a couple of days ago, and I just wanted to get out of the house and do something. So, haircut.” There, that didn’t make it sound too bad, right? “We’re totally fine, by the way, so no harm needs to come to him. It was my decision.”

Knowing Rose, that was a really important detail. Now to steer the conversation as far away from herself as possible. “How about you and Emmett?” Marissa grinned sheepishly, remembering her other break up from a couple of years ago. “You didn’t dump him through a summer letter, did you?”

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    • Where are the bunnies? - Marissa, Mon Jan 22 13:11
      • Lying in wait, probably - Rose, Mon Feb 5 14:56
        Somehow, Rose wasn’t surprised. But she was kind of annoyed. Marissa and Danny had spent all of last year - literally, all of last year - making a big deal about how they were together, or weren’t... more
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