I appreciate the vote of confidence
Tue Jan 23, 2018 13:23

Leo was surprised at how swiftly Myffi had accepted his non-vegan suggestion. He had really thought he was going to have to fight a bit harder for that one. Maybe she wasn’t as unreasonable as he’d thought? It was a radical change of thought but Leo was having difficulty squashing it, he polished off his burger and grabbed a glass of lemonade from a passing house elf with a gruff, “Thanks.” Once settled again he took a sip, and finally concluded, “Yeah, ok. I probably will give your little gardening club a go. There’s not much else to do around here anyway.”

Myffi continued to surprise Leo by expressing a desire to play Quidditch. He shifted becoming more animated, he’d ignored her earlier interest in why he’d dropped Quidditch because he was worried he might have to fess up about being held back. But suddenly the direction of the conversation had caught his interest. Leo nodded seriously, and eventually offered “Look, I’m supposed to be focusing more on schoolwork this year, and less on Quidditch. But if you want a few pointers, I’d be happy to give you a quick lesson or two.” Leo’s mom said he wasn’t allowed to play on the Quidditch team, fine, whatever. That didn’t mean he couldn’t help someone else fill his spot. If there was one thing about Myffi, it was that she probably gave her all to something once she got interested in it. Not a bad member to add to the team. He’d much rather she join up than some stupid first year who didn’t know one end of the broom from the other.

Just when Leo was starting to think Myffi might be alrightish she revealed she lived in a commune. In California. Leo couldn’t help himself, the moment the words were out of her mouth he threw his eyes towards the sky. If his mom had taken him to a hippie commune, Leo would probably have taken off a week later. Nothing was worth putting up with those nutters. It seemed like Myffi might not be all that fussed on her new companions either. “Pineapple. And I thought my summer was rubbish. We moved to California a few years ago, cause of my mom’s boyfriend and like California people are bad enough. But hippie californians? That’s tough.”

  • I believe in you - Myffi, Sat Jan 20 08:21
    “Do all these meals have to be super vegan, or is it cool to bring a bit of fish along once in a while?” Leo asked. Myffi paused to consider. They’d only had one meal before, and there hadn’t been... more
    • I appreciate the vote of confidence - Leo, Tue Jan 23 13:23
      • That's what friends are for - Myffi, Thu Jan 25 06:39
        Leo said he would probably come to Agriclub, and Myffi beamed with delight. She was glad she’d sat next to Leo. He didn’t seem so grumpy now as he had right at the start of their conversation. Maybe... more
        • Then I guess we're friends now - Leo, Mon Jan 29 16:52
          It wasn’t very often that Leo was the cause of someone’s smile, normally he was much more effective at causing people to scowl at him. In fact when Leo had first come to RMI he’d often got into... more
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