Bet your girlfriend would
Tue Jan 23, 2018 22:16

Ruben was all cuddled up to Kaye, like they always were in the Aquila Common Room. Nolan didn’t have a lot of opinions about that, ‘cause unlike Heather he could mind his own business, but he was pretty sure that Kaye and Ruben did it just to make people uncomfortable. That seemed just like them. Nolan was pretty sure that he and Kaye were friends, because they usually voluntarily worked together in Magizoobotany, and sometimes she tried to steal his crutches but, like, in a friendly way. She was definitely not like any girls Nolan had ever met before, but she was fun.

To Ruben, he said, “Well he’s in America now, and it’s weird,” Nolan said. He wasn’t particularly patriotic but there was no way he was just gonna sit here while some random Norwegian guy told him American society was ruined. “We got titles and stuff for a reason.” So that people knew you were in charge of stuff. It made sense.

Nolan did not know a lot about capitalism but he didn’t really like Ruben so he was gonna argue. He was also pretty sure Ruben didn’t like him, but he didn’t know why. He’d barely said two words to the guy. “Anyways, a place that has a royal family to begin with has way more dumb hierarchy than us.” If you were in a European royal family, you got a bunch of money and social status for life just by being born. Which Nolan would admit was kind of like his family, but he was pretty sure that royalty couldn’t get kicked out of being royals.

If you were a Ramsey you could get kicked out for having a scandal or for being a lazy good-for-nothing or a couple of other reasons Nolan hadn’t really learned about because he didn’t have to worry about them. Or you could get murdered by your brother for being the first in line, so long as you don’t have any kids. His cousins—the Cavanaugh branch—trimmed the fat pretty quickly too, but he was a little scared of them so Nolan decided not to think about that. He continued out loud, “I mean I’ll call him Toby if he wants, I don’t really care, it’s not like I talk to the headmaster a lot, but it’s still weird.”

  • It's not like anyone would miss you here - Ruben Lundqvist, Sun Jan 21 00:11
    For the last time, Ruben had to go to school on September 1st. That was a huge relief. The seventeen-year-old was no longer pissed about being at RMI in the first place… although it was still... more
    • Bet your girlfriend would - Nolan, Tue Jan 23 22:16
      • Are you looking for a fight? - Ruben, Thu Jan 25 21:52
        Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort at the younger boy’s use of the word ‘weird’. As if America wasn’t weird enough all on its own, without any comparison to the more practical nations of the world.... more
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