As long as it's fabulously so
Thu Jan 25, 2018 14:45

She hummed thoughtfully at Holland's suggestion. It was true that Marley had never seen any of the owls fly into the bonfires - but most of the owls here were bigger and probably older, too. Bludger, at least, could be Mister Sprockets' grandpa! Her new owl was so tiny and young, brand-new (minus a couple summer months) to the whole wizarding owl thing, and she didn't have a lot of faith that he would stay away from the fire. Burning her finger on a candle was how Marley had learned not to touch fire. But feathers were a lot more flammable than skin. It'd be awful if he just went up in smoke!

"Maybe later," she decided. "I kinda want to keep him at my dorm, if Alice is okay with it," which she was sure her roommate would be but of course she'd ask her permission anyways, "so that he can adjust to living here without being surrounded by big owls right off." Marley herself was on the tall end of her class, but she was able to remember being younger and shorter and how it felt walking around with her dad in the middle of crowded grocery aisles. It hadn't been scary-scary because Dad was there too. But she wouldn't be able to skip meals and classes to stay with Mister Sprockets in the owlry all day.

At the mention of Teal, Marley could feel a little warm blush come up in her face. Gosh, it was helpful having dark skin. Not that Holland would care, but still... Oops and now they were asking about Claudia too, and that was a brain-jump but not the type of jump that made her stop blushing. It was more like, the leftover Teal Blush had just stuck around and waved its hands a little bigger to make it obvious it was still there, even though the Claudia Not Blush was also there and now getting overshadowed and- oh, right, questions. There were questions to answer.

"Yeah, of course I wrote to Claudia," she nodded. "She didn't write back at all, but she doesn't normally write back as fast as you or other people do, so I guess she was just really busy this summer. Or maybe it's his fault," she added in retrospect, pointing at her owl. Mister Sprockets stared with his big orange who, me? eyes and Marley giggled, picking off a corner of her crab cake to feed him. "Yes, you!" Maybe she should've tried writing Claudia with Bludger, since all of her letters via M.S. had gone unanswered. Too late for that, now. Catching up in person was always better, anyways.

"And me and Teal are good, I guess?" Marlet continued, glancig back at Holland. "We wrote a lot, but I didn't see her at all." Oh, huh, she hadn't been planning to say that. And it wasn't like she was disappointed or anything, but it hadn't been not-disappointing either, and maybe it was good that she was talking to Holland about it after all. "I'm not sure, like, we were even in the same state for a bit, since I stayed with Mum while she was doing her east-to-west driveabout, and I told Teal I was gonna be nearby but she didn't ask to meet up." Marley paused for breath and also to think, which resulted in a somewhat embarrassed laugh at herself. "I mean, I didn't ask her, either. I dunno why; it would've been easy to, like, get Mum to Apparate me over, or something. Maybe that was a mistake... But still, I told her I was really close and for how long and she didn't say much of anything about it. That's weird, right? Like, I thought we both had fun on our date, like we even held hands," she informed Holland seriously, "but if she actually thought it was fun too then she would've said something about it, right?"

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    Holland frowned and ate their salad while Marley rambled out her reasoning for the school’s leadership positions. Marley’s point would be valid if the role of the Head Students was different.... more
    • As long as it's fabulously so - Marley, Thu Jan 25 14:45
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        The Lyra girls’ dorm might not be the safest place for a small owl, given Kit’s large tarantula and Kit’s roommate’s cat. However, if Marley wasn’t concerned about potential predators, and Alice... more
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