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Thu Jan 25, 2018 21:52

Ruben couldn’t hold back a snort at the younger boy’s use of the word ‘weird’. As if America wasn’t weird enough all on its own, without any comparison to the more practical nations of the world. Good luck with that. “Oh, don’t misunderstand, we have titles as well,” he pointed out, accented voice heavy with sarcasm. “We just do not have any reason to wave them around. Because everyone knows how to behave properly with each other, without needing some big clue like a ‘Mister Headmaster Sir’ to remind them.” He sighed dramatically, although the effect was ruined slightly by his smirk, and impaled a penne noodle with his fork. The fork paused halfway to his mouth, and he gasped dramatically and turned to stare at Nolan. “Not to imply your country is in any way inferior to mine, of course. Although it is. No offense.” He flashed a cheery grin and began the highly important process of inhaling his dinner.

The next step in the conversation, as per whatever logic Nolan was following, was apparently to make fun of the royal lineage of the Nordic nations. Now, Ruben absolutely believed that monarchies were a stupid way to run a country. He had a lot of opinions about why and how the monarchical system had been established and maintained, some of which had been shared with Holland in those fun, random political debates-slash-rants back when they were dating. However, Nolan was not Holland, and he had no interest in gifting him with his moderately anarchic perspective on the government. He wasn’t going to criticize the Swedish monarchy in front of someone also criticizing it. Especially someone who clearly didn’t have a pineapple what they were talking about.

“If you knew anything about our monarchy,” he started off, one thick eyebrow angled at Nolan in a way that was not exactly critical but also not necessarily promising no physical harm would come his way should another ignorant comment smog up the air between them, “you would realize that the King of Sweden has no power. Literally no power. Sometimes his picture is in the news, but that is it. It only appears to be a hierarchy. And this has benefits - till exempel, it is way more likely for the king to be a target for murder instead of the actual political leaders.” Okay, that was one tiny angle of his opinions (criticisms) against the monarchy. Only one, because again, this was just Nolan. Fortunately, diversion tactics were easy. This country was nuts and there were so many things Ruben could mock it for. Such as… “Although we have not had a king murdered in hundreds of years because, somehow, we have barely any enemies who would wish to murder the assumed ‘head’ of the Swedish state. Imagine that, a whole country that has managed to stay not enemies with other countries. Friendly international relations, even. Wooow.” Anticipating that Kaye would whack him at some point, the blonde shut himself up after the drawn-out word and crossed his eyes at her, feigning disinterest.

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    Ruben was all cuddled up to Kaye, like they always were in the Aquila Common Room. Nolan didn’t have a lot of opinions about that, ‘cause unlike Heather he could mind his own business, but he was... more
    • Are you looking for a fight? - Ruben, Thu Jan 25 21:52
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