Thu Jan 25, 2018 21:58

The Lyra girls’ dorm might not be the safest place for a small owl, given Kit’s large tarantula and Kit’s roommate’s cat. However, if Marley wasn’t concerned about potential predators, and Alice Lemont didn’t mind a new occupant in the fourth year dorm, then Holland supposed they had no reason to object. They would grant that Marley’s new owl wasn’t the best-trained owl with which Holland had ever interacted, but surely that was all the more reason to have him mix with the more experienced members of RMI’s parliament.

Having never exchanged letters with Claudia, Holland had nothing but Marley’s word to go on about Claudia’s correspondence habits. If she thought that Claudia not answering her letters was normal and explicable, she very well might be right. Of course, Marley didn’t have the benefit of knowing about the conversation Holland and Claudia had had, and Marley was also trusting where Holland was suspicious. It sounded to Holland like Claudia had actually carried through with her intention to stop being friends with Marley, or at least been so uncomfortable that she had felt incapable of responding to her friend. That was sad.

Holland broke off a forkful of crab cake and had a bite as Marley began talking about Teal. Marley hadn’t mentioned trouble in paradise in any of her letters, so Holland had assumed the subject was a safe one, but apparently they’d been wrong.

Oh, no, was she asking Holland for their input? They felt underqualified to help with this. Holland didn’t consider themself particularly adept at relationship advice, and they didn’t want to unnecessarily worry Marley. Also, Holland didn’t know Teal at all; the two students were in different years and Houses, and besides Marley lacked overlap in their social circles. If Marley and Teal had written back and forth over the summer, that was probably a good sign for Marley. There could be plenty of legitimate reasons why Teal wouldn’t want to meet up with her.

Holland opted to say, “It’s not that weird.” Last year they had reminded Marley that not everyone was out. That was the most likely reason Holland could think of if Teal was interested but hadn’t wanted to meet up. If the Rosses didn’t know Teal was interested in girls, she might not want them to find out from Marley, who was—well, not known for her subtlety or discretion.

Or it was possible it had nothing to do with orientation, and Teal was just not allowed to date anyone of any gender yet. Some parents were very strict about their children—especially daughters—not dating before they reacted a certain age. Monty and Bryony had never set hard rules for Holland dating, although they had talked to Holland about safety in a relationship. “She might not have told her parents she went on a date yet. Although if that’s what’s going on, she should have told you about it.” Holland would want to know up-front if the person they were dating was in the closet. They managed not to look around at any of the other Lyras seated at the bonfire. “Maybe you should ask her where she thinks you guys are going. I mean, what do you want to happen next?” Marley had seemed uncertain about going out with a girl at first, but now she sounded like anyone with a crush.

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    She hummed thoughtfully at Holland's suggestion. It was true that Marley had never seen any of the owls fly into the bonfires - but most of the owls here were bigger and probably older, too. Bludger, ... more
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