Bouncy castles are dangerous
Fri Jan 26, 2018 00:33

“Oh, How…” Leon started to ask does that work but decided better of it. Instead the boy thought he would just nod and smile in response to him almost making a big mistake. Sure he was told that sometimes men like other men, and they get married, the young boy never saw this in his life or any other life. He was used to his idea of a family module; mom, dad, and kids.

Leon made a mental note never to assume anything about another person again, and left it at that. Now that the older boy was asking about his family life, the first year got a tiny bit nervous. He didn’t know what ‘normal’ was in this world. Everything he could think of that was abnormal in the world he came from seemed to be accepted here. What if he was the weird kid here too? Would his mom take him out of magic school like she did with normal school? He had to play it as cool as possible.

“My family isn’t like yours in the sense that I only have one magical parent. My two siblings don’t have magic either. They think I’m going to a special school to deal with my outburst in class which cause my mom to take me out of school it the first place…” the young blonde started then realized what he said. He blushed embarrassed then quickly, “It’s not all bad though, my mom’s just afraid that my siblings will use this whole “world secret” thing against them in a big fight. My brother is 15 my sister 13. She says we will wait until they get out of the rough teenager phase to tell them. I’m just afraid they will be upset.”

Leon started playing with the end of his robe then stared back at the older boy. “I know… it’s weird right? Please don’t hate me.” The boy shook his head and then caved in on himself again, obviously trying not to be noticed, and failing.

  • I was thinking like a bouncy castle - Drew, Tue Jan 23 00:36
    “It’s not that weird,” Drew said, shrugging. His dad was the Head of Lyra, plus the counselor and the director. And his aunt (sort-of aunt—out of all his aunts, Cindra was the least close to being... more
    • Bouncy castles are dangerous - Leon, Fri Jan 26 00:33
      • They’re like fun padded rooms! - Drew, Fri Jan 26 12:09
        Leon started to ask a question and Drew mentally braced himself for whatever inappropriate question he was about to be asked by the first year. Honestly why couldn’t people just mind their own... more
        • Like the loony bin? - Leon, Tue Feb 6 12:07
          Leon turned slightly to Drew, “It’s just that… I don’t know… I think I’m in too deep or something. Like, you know how things work and have a normal magical family. Meanwhile, I just have an... more
          • But fun! - Drew, Tue Feb 6 23:26
            Deep in thought, Drew took a cupcake from the house elf’s tray. Leon had said a lot of really intense stuff. Drew was not really up to dealing with that for a few reasons: 1) because it was the... more
            • I wouldn't call a padded room fun. - Leon, Fri Mar 9 02:48
              Leon thought a moment, then he sighed, "yeah, I guess you are right about that." The first year moved into a more comfortable position and just stared at the older boy. He seemed to know everything,... more
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