I'm glad you noticed
Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:10

Satveer couldn’t help but smile when Caleb commented and then questioned him on his trainers. His trainers were without a doubt one of his favourite things he owned. To a bystander, the trainers were much like any other skater shoe. The pumps themselves were black all over with thick, bright purple laces but that obviously wasn’t what Caleb was talking about.

“Yeah,” Satveer said with a slight chortle “they’re charmed. Satveer said lifting his left foot up. “The white lightning bolt sparkles with my mood. If I’m in a really good mood, the footprint can leave a sparkle for a couple of seconds. I don’t think muggles can see it though…” he continued. “It is really awesome if I run in the rain”. Satveer placed his foot back on the floor and picked up two glasses of cloudy lemonade, offering one to Caleb. “My Mother charms each pair I get” he paused to take a slurp of cold lemonade, “That’s the stuff!” Satveer gestured to his lemonade looking onward to Caleb for confirmation, “My last trainers had lines round the outside too! They were cool!”
Satveer realised he’d been talking too much again and wasn’t letting Caleb eat. Having placed his lemonade next to his food, Satveer took a mouthful of spaghetti and shovelled it in his mouth as a counter measure to him rambling on any further.

Much like his personal goal of trying something new every week, Satveer had set himself a softer target of making a friend at school this year. Someone he could take home and meet the family. He knew that realistically, Caleb probably wasn’t going to be that kid. You didn’t often see the older years hanging round with the younger ones unless they were siblings (and maybe not even then). Part of his approach was to stop talking to much.

After swallowing his food, and mentally checking if enough time had passed, Satveer decided to probe Caleb. “Where is it you come from?” Clearly the answer was going to be from the states. Satveer had gotten used to the American twang. To him, it didn’t matter where in the states you were from, you always had a twang. Satveer saw it much the same as his slight British Accent. Satveer had left the UK when he was too young to have developed an accent, but in growing up with his family he developed a distinctive British-Indian accent.

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    The kid Caleb had managed to sit next to was invariably awesome. The older student laughed and wondered if Sam was foreign. Probably. “Nice to meet you, Sam,” the Lyra answered with a smile. “I am... more
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