They’re like fun padded rooms!
Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:09

Leon started to ask a question and Drew mentally braced himself for whatever inappropriate question he was about to be asked by the first year. Honestly why couldn’t people just mind their own business and not be weird about things. Drew acknowledged it was kind of confusing, but the way his family worked wasn’t open for discussion or debate by anyone outside of it. So many people seemed to think they were entitled to an opinion about it when really the McKindy-Tennant-Kendrick-Embers family was none of their business.

But then Leon just kind of trailed off and didn’t say anything for a bit, so Drew relaxed a little. He knew he didn’t have a whole lot of patience anymore for people being negative about his family. It was like he only got one year’s worth of patience at a time, and Connor had burned through all of it really fast, so now Drew wouldn’t get any more until January. But probably Leon would just keep talking about his own family and stuff now and that would be fine.


Drew didn’t think he was like, particularly intimidating. There were other people at RMI who were. Like Ruben Lundqvist. Or even Marilyn Hamelink (although she didn’t really count because she had graduated last year). Drew was pretty sure he wasn’t one of those people. Maybe the fact that he was related to like half of the school was intimidating to new students, but Drew didn’t think that was a big deal. He wasn’t like a snooty pureblood who cared about other people knowing who he was related to, it just sometimes came up when people were talking about classes or the school in general. In fact, Drew thought he gave off a friendly vibe. It came with being the counselor’s kid. Drew had picked up a lot of tips for helping people feel better from Dad. He wasn’t like, the best advice-giver, but Drew thought he was a pretty good listener most of the time. He was extroverted and he liked talking to new people and making new friends.

So why the heck did so many people cry the very first time he met them? Was he just, like, that nice that people like Sam Mittal and Leon felt comfortable crying in front of him even though they had never talked to him before in their lives? Okay maybe Leon wasn’t crying but he sure seemed like he was going to cry and kinda collapsed on himself and he was saying stuff like “don’t hate me,” which Drew thought might as well be in the same category as crying.

He sighed heavily. Guess he was gonna deal with this at the bonfire now. “Why would I hate you?” he asked, kindly but maybe not as patiently as he could’ve done. “Like, we’re… just talking and you’re not being mean or anything.” Granted, he didn’t particularly like Leo now that he was freaking out for no reason, but he definitely didn’t hate the first year. Drew didn’t think he hated anyone. Maybe Connor a little, except he had apologized so Drew didn’t even hate him all that much anymore.

  • Bouncy castles are dangerous - Leon, Fri Jan 26 00:33
    “Oh, How…” Leon started to ask does that work but decided better of it. Instead the boy thought he would just nod and smile in response to him almost making a big mistake. Sure he was told that... more
    • They’re like fun padded rooms! - Drew, Fri Jan 26 12:09
      • Like the loony bin? - Leon, Tue Feb 6 12:07
        Leon turned slightly to Drew, “It’s just that… I don’t know… I think I’m in too deep or something. Like, you know how things work and have a normal magical family. Meanwhile, I just have an... more
        • But fun! - Drew, Tue Feb 6 23:26
          Deep in thought, Drew took a cupcake from the house elf’s tray. Leon had said a lot of really intense stuff. Drew was not really up to dealing with that for a few reasons: 1) because it was the... more
          • I wouldn't call a padded room fun. - Leon, Fri Mar 9 02:48
            Leon thought a moment, then he sighed, "yeah, I guess you are right about that." The first year moved into a more comfortable position and just stared at the older boy. He seemed to know everything,... more
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