I can spare some of mine
Fri Jan 26, 2018 23:25

Estelle sighed loudly, but conceded with a grin that the younger woman was in the right. Wine and fetuses didn’t mix well. Or not after the first trimester, at least, although she hadn’t experimented with that herself, courtesy of falling in the category of potential high-risk pregnancies and subsequently falling under the careful scrutiny of her husband, their midwife, and her own self-control. Sigh. “Still, you could keep an eye out for the rest of us,” she joked back, watching with amusement as Jude set herself to eating Celia’s dinner even more enthusiastically. “Gosh, she’s getting big.”

Waving down a house-elf sounded like an excellent idea, barring the fact that she was currently balancing on her knee a bowl filled nearly to the brim with chowder and waving did not seem like the best route to avoid spilling what remained of clams on her trousers. They were simple tan trousers, but with coloured patches in the pockets. She could magick them clean if need be, but she could also not mess them up in the first place. Theoretically, leaving both of her screaming children at home meant that she’d be able to make it through a meal for once with her entire outfit intact, which she could (grumpily) admit was a small benefit to the Blair-West’s change of plans tonight.

Opting to call rather than wave, Estelle got the attention of a passing elf. “Mimzie! A sight for sore eyes.” Mimzie the house-elf managed to look both flattered and confused by this, and started offering to fetch missum a cold cloth for her eyes, but the brunette cut her off. “My eyes are fine, thanks. But can you bring me a cuppa flat white? And leave a few of those with us, too, please,” she added, using her nose to point at Mimzie’s tray. It seemed like only seconds went by before she had a plate of empanadas on her other knee and a big mug of well-creamed coffee on the floor beside her. She sighed again at the smell, pleased this time instead of amused/resigned. Mimzie had gotten it perfectly. Flat white was the best way to describe her preferred style of coffee, and she had, very fortunately, encountered Mimzie while she was in a coffee slump enough times that the elf had remembered what the slang term meant instead of needing yet another explanation.

Taking a moment to twirl her finger around the mug, wandlessly sealing it in an age bubble to prevent catastrophe, Estelle carefully rearranged herself to offer Celia the plate - although then she had to pause and laugh at herself. “Sorry, is this okay? Probably should’ve checked with you first. Mum instincts or whatever, you know; you see good food and just have to grab it before little fingers take over. Tell you what, take your pick of these,” she wiggled both empanada plate and her bowl of (still untouched) chowder-and-garlic-bread, “and I’ll take one of yours.” This was directed at the toddlers between them. Once Celia had named her poison, she handed over the dish and scooted herself a bit closer to Steven. “Is that some kind of kimchi I see there?” she noted conversationally. “Good choice, kiddo. That’s tasty stuff.” It looked like the not-so-spicy type, too, which was probably for the best, but she still kept an eye out for nearby elves that they could send off for a glass of milk if necessary.

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    Please let this year be boring, Celia implored silently to whatever might be listening as she crammed what felt like enough provisions for a small army into the diaper bag. Admittedly, it would be... more
    • I can spare some of mine - Estelle, Fri Jan 26 23:25
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