Then I guess we're friends now
Mon Jan 29, 2018 16:52

It wasn’t very often that Leo was the cause of someone’s smile, normally he was much more effective at causing people to scowl at him. In fact when Leo had first come to RMI he’d often got into fights with other boys. So it had seemed a natural progression for him to start and finish his second fourth year by beating the crap out of someone like Roger Reynolds. But here Myffi was smiling and offering to do study sessions with him, which was more of an olive branch than anyone had offered Leo in along time and so he thought perhaps it was a sign that the rest of the year might not suck as much as the last four had . Maybe he’d leave Reynolds' face alone for a month or so while he tested the waters.

He didn’t really fancy the study sessions but he supposed it was a fair a trade, and he did need the help. Somewhat embarrassed, Leo rubbed at his nose and responded, “Yeah, yeah ok. It’s a deal.” He stuck out his hand so they could shake on it but he omitted the spitting part assuming, Myffi was the sort of girl who freaked out about a few germs. She was after all pretty obsessed with what was added into her veggies.

“You don’t like it there, either?” .

Leo vigorously shook his head, “No way man. We use to move around loads. I dunno it just suited me better. And like I said Californians suck.” Leo may have been referring to one Californian in particular, who was responsible for his current residence, but he thought it was safe to assume that the jerk quality wasn’t specific to Jeb. Even the boys he hung out with during his breaks were destined to be deadbeats, really. Leo just needed something to do and it helped that his mom hated them- really encouraged Leo to purse the friendship. “But the kids like it,” Leo shrugged, referring to his brothers and sisters, “and I only need to be there a few times year so I guess I can put up with it. I’m not sticking around after graduation though.” Leo didn’t have a lot of post-RMI plans, assuming he actually graduated, but he knew California wasn’t part of his future. He might go on a road trip and just sort of see where things went from there.

  • That's what friends are for - Myffi, Thu Jan 25 06:39
    Leo said he would probably come to Agriclub, and Myffi beamed with delight. She was glad she’d sat next to Leo. He didn’t seem so grumpy now as he had right at the start of their conversation. Maybe... more
    • Then I guess we're friends now - Leo, Mon Jan 29 16:52
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