Ruben Lundqvist
This is not a good type of different
Sun Feb 4, 2018 00:19

After a long workout, which included several laps around the Quidditch pitch in addition to much more than several chin-ups and other bodyweight exercises on the bouldering wall, Ruben was ready for some delicious proteins and carbs. The new routines in exercise patterns and meal contents which he’d established since his abrupt transfer from Durmstrang in fifth-year had been clearly paying off. Yeah, he was still annoyed at the lack of physical sparring opportunities available at RMI - although he had finally started his planned private sessions with Kalle-Anssi, and the kid wouldn’t be a suitable sparring partner for himself until years down the road but it was still nice getting to make use of his talents in teaching his younger brother. However, the rocky mock-cliffside was acceptable, and had proven a good method for bulking up even more.

The blonde loitered in the changeroom after showering down, critically assessing new muscle definition in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. He also made a point to flex when a couple younger students went past behind him, enjoying what he interpreted as an intimidated scurry in the mirror’s reflection. It might have been triggered by his physical domination, or might just be the whole ‘standing around in his briefs’ thing. (Americans were weird about public nudity. It amused Ruben.) Once he had adequately dried by air exposure, he flipped his now waist-length hair over one shoulder and twisted it into a loose braid. Then it was simply a matter of pulling his skinny jeans and blood-red high-tops back on, looping the chainlink belt into place, and he was ready for lunch. He even wore a shirt.

Okay, technically it was his sleeveless hoodie, and technically it was only partially zipped, showing off the upper curve of his pecs, but whatever. Ruben was hungry.

Unfortunately, the Diner was less than accommodating of his food needs today, as he quickly realized after striding inside. “Vad fan?” Poking around the tables, looking for ribs or a hamburger or even a shitty chicken Caesar, he swore again - louder and in English this time - when he got to the final table and there was still no meat in sight. “What in the pineappling hell is Myffi doing?” Ruben couldn’t see her right now and didn’t have the patience to go looking, so instead he swore again and served himself a bowl of chili. Beans weren’t the best source of protein, but they were better than carrots. His mood improved slightly when he looped back around and located rye bread, which was an obviously superior type of bread, but it went back the opposite direction when he sat down and realized that his placemat had both stupid exclamation marks and a stupid pig drawn on it.

“I would rather eat you any day,” he informed the pig, and then turned his glower up to the other student at the table. “What the pineapple is wrong with lunch today?” This was a rhetorical question, because there was lots wrong, most importantly, the fact that he couldn’t get his normal post-workout proteins. “And do not tell me you agree with all this.”

  • A different kind of meal... - The Finer Diner , Fri Feb 2 08:33
    It was an ordinary lunchtime, except it wasn't. It was ordinary because it looked normal at a glance, with all the food offerings one would expect to see. However, a closer look revealed much that... more
    • The BEST kind of meal - Myfanwy Owen, Thu Feb 8 06:40
      Myfanwy didn’t often go to the Diner for meals. That wasn’t to say she never went there, or that it was rare to see her at mealtimes, but there was hardly ever anything served that she felt... more
      • I'm not sure I agree - Brynjolf Nilssen, Sat Feb 24 14:22
        Brynjolf didn’t have any objections to food. At least not usually but what he was staring at made him question that. It had been a mostly normal day for the almost-sixteen-year-old, his mood having... more
        • Everyone is entitled to an opinion - Myfanwy, Mon Feb 26 05:01
          “You mean, you’re not responsible for it?” a voice said. Myffi paused with her fork halfway raised to her mouth, and looked at the person who’d implicated her. It was Bryn, in the year below. They... more
          • Bryn nodded thoughtfully as Myffi explained why she wasn’t actually the one behind what was going on. It made sense that she wouldn't be able to get the food and she definitely wasn't wrong in the... more
            • Perhaps I can change yours - Myffi, Fri Mar 2 14:57
              Bryn could have been a little more enthusiastic about the food, but he wasn’t rejecting it, so that was good enough for Myffi. He said he’d even be okay to eat vegan meals from time to time, which... more
              • I'm not so good at changing - Bryn, Thu Mar 8 12:32
                “Not in the way you’d imagine.” Bryn stared at the food infront of him as Myffi talked. Really, he couldn’t imagine how it would be easy to continually eat food like this. Despite the fact that it... more
                • “Sometimes a lack of choices,” Myffi replied to Bryn’s question, “but more often it’s not knowing what’s been put in things,” she nodded to demonstrate that he had understood the problem. “Like if... more
    • It's like a culinary safari - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Feb 5 16:38
      It was luuuuunch tiiiiiime. Kit had gone back to Lyra to get Darby because she didn’t always bring her tarantula buddy to all of her classes, because sometimes teachers didn’t want pets in class and... more
      • Dylan was hungry. He was looking forward to a nice tunafish sandwich. He ate a tunafish sandwich everyday. Cereal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and whatever was on offer for dinner. He was a... more
    • This is not a good type of different - Ruben Lundqvist, Sun Feb 4 00:19
      • Are there good types of different? - Drew Tennant, Sun Feb 4 15:15
        The day after classes started, Drew had asked Remington if she wanted to get together to exchange some of the things they’d learned over the summer. Aaron had taught Drew a lot of spells, but Drew... more
        • Sometimes. If you're lucky. - Ruben, Tue Feb 6 15:04
          This kid might genuinely be on his side. The right side, the meat-eating side, the side that recognized it was absolutely fine to kill for food as long as the killing part was done sustainably. Or he ... more
          • I’m feeling lucky - Drew, Tue Feb 6 17:32
            Ruben did seem surprised, but he didn’t say no, so that was good. “Just since school started this year,” Drew told him, trying to sound like that wasn’t much time at all, because it sounded like... more
            • What a surprise - Ruben, Wed Feb 14 21:00
              Assuming Drew was telling the truth, then this kid’s self-taught fighting whatever-it-was had been started up and kept running almost impressively quick. He had no particular reason to assume... more
              • Surprises are good too - Drew, Wed Feb 21 12:44
                Drew had been all ready to talk Ruben into teaching their club. A seventh-year whose main hobby seemed to be punching people would probably say he had better things to do than teach a bunch of... more
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