Drew Tennant
Are there good types of different?
Sun Feb 4, 2018 15:15

The day after classes started, Drew had asked Remington if she wanted to get together to exchange some of the things they’d learned over the summer. Aaron had taught Drew a lot of spells, but Drew didn’t know any physical self-defense. Which you didn’t really need when you had magic, usually, but since the only fight Drew had ever been in had involved no magic and all hitting, Drew felt like it was probably a good idea to learn how to deal with that. Plus Remington’s dad was a Muggle, so he couldn’t show her any spells.

Remington had agreed it was a good idea and suggested they invite Dade, because he’d be interested in stuff like this too. Drew was friends with Dade anyway (even though his brother was the reason for all of this; Dade couldn’t control how Connor acted any more than Drew could control Kit) and he knew Dade was really smart, so he was all for Dade joining them. And then one of them had suggested bringing Kit in—apparently she’d been helping Dade practice spells all of last year—and everyone else agreed, although mostly Kit liked being a target better than she liked practicing. Which Drew guessed was fine, although he felt weird about casting some of the spells at her. He wouldn’t use any magic that, like, actually hurt on his cousin.

Then Remington told Drew that Anssi had told her that his brother was teaching him magic and self defense too, and Drew got to thinking: wouldn’t it be cool if they had an actual person to teach them? Dade was really good at research, but they were mostly figuring those spells out by trial and error because they only had the book to go on. And Ruben had gone to Durmstrang, so he totally knew spells Aunt Cindra wouldn’t teach them in Defense Against the Dark Arts. If Ruben was already teaching Anssi then maybe he would be down to teach the rest of them.

It couldn’t hurt to ask. The worst case scenario would be, like, Ruben hexing Drew for even asking, in which case at least Drew would learn one new spell to tell the rest of the group.

So when Ruben sat down at the same table as Drew for lunch, the second-year decided now was his chance to ask. Ruben seemed grouchy, which wasn’t the best mood for asking someone to do something, but hey, he was here.

“Nope,” Drew said agreeably, because first of all he didn’t really care either way (he would care if this was like, a regular thing, but if it was only for today then he could survive), but second and more importantly, why the heck would you argue with Ruben if he said something in that tone? Drew had noticed that everything was labeled, which he would grant was weird. He’d eaten most of his meals in the Finer Diner since he was four and they had never had signs before. After reading two signs and seeing that they just said where the food came from, Drew had just kinda shrugged to himself and gotten food anyway. The food was weird too today (the signs were pretty clear that there was no meat, eggs, or dairy) and Drew was not a fan, but he managed to find a wrap that looked okay. Wraps were kind of like burritos so he figured it was probably the next best thing to food he wanted to eat.

Drew didn’t think that discussing the vegan food situation more with Ruben would help, so he took a bite of his wrap. There were beans and rice, which was good, but there was also red cabbage, and he wasn’t a fan of that. Cabbage tasted like sour wax. He made a face and swallowed the bite of wrap anyway.

“Hey, I wanted to ask you something,” he said to Ruben when his mouth wasn’t full. Drew decided to go ahead and ask before Ruben could be angry about the food again. He lowered his voice a little because their group was kind of a secret thing and he didn’t want the whole school to know. Everyone was pretty distracted by the vegan stuff, Drew thought, so probably no one else would notice him and Ruben talking. “Me and Remington and Dade and Kit have been trying to learn some spells and stuff they don’t cover in Defense and dueling club. And Anssi said you were teaching him some stuff like that so we were all kinda wondering,” okay that was a stretch but Drew and Remington had definitely discussed it, “if you could show us too.”

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    After a long workout, which included several laps around the Quidditch pitch in addition to much more than several chin-ups and other bodyweight exercises on the bouldering wall, Ruben was ready for... more
    • Are there good types of different? - Drew Tennant, Sun Feb 4 15:15
      • Sometimes. If you're lucky. - Ruben, Tue Feb 6 15:04
        This kid might genuinely be on his side. The right side, the meat-eating side, the side that recognized it was absolutely fine to kill for food as long as the killing part was done sustainably. Or he ... more
        • I’m feeling lucky - Drew, Tue Feb 6 17:32
          Ruben did seem surprised, but he didn’t say no, so that was good. “Just since school started this year,” Drew told him, trying to sound like that wasn’t much time at all, because it sounded like... more
          • What a surprise - Ruben, Wed Feb 14 21:00
            Assuming Drew was telling the truth, then this kid’s self-taught fighting whatever-it-was had been started up and kept running almost impressively quick. He had no particular reason to assume... more
            • Surprises are good too - Drew, Wed Feb 21 12:44
              Drew had been all ready to talk Ruben into teaching their club. A seventh-year whose main hobby seemed to be punching people would probably say he had better things to do than teach a bunch of... more
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