Lying in wait, probably
Mon Feb 5, 2018 14:56

Somehow, Rose wasn’t surprised. But she was kind of annoyed.

Marissa and Danny had spent all of last year - literally, all of last year - making a big deal about how they were together, or weren’t together, and back and forth. It had been such a big deal that Marissa had gone and slept with Ruben over it. Rose had gotten mad at Ruben for being a blabbermouth about it, and mad at Danny for messing with Marissa. Less mad at Danny, obviously, because he wasn’t a terrible human being. He was just an idiot. But for once, Rose couldn’t pin the idiocy behind this entire thing on Danny because it had apparently been Marissa who had broken up with him. After everything last year, Marissa had exactly what she wanted...and then had decided she didn’t want it anymore. After all that fuss.

Rose didn’t roll her eyes, but she wanted to. Idiots, she thought, uncharitably. There was no real reason the two of them would have broken up. Maybe Marissa had just gotten used to being the center of the attention last year and the year before and thought this was a good way to continue it? That was the only relatively reasonable explanation Rose could come up with for a situation as ridiculous as this.

“I opted not to dump Emmett over the summer,” the English girl said lightly, deciding to altogether avoid commenting on the situation between Marissa and Danny. “I’m sure Cocoa Puff would have been devastated and we just couldn’t do that to the little ball of fluff.” She took another bite of her food and looked around the room for her - for Emmett. That might have been a glimpse of him over there by the Lyra fire, but Rose wasn’t entirely certain if it was just the shadows making someone else look like him. Emmett had come over during the summer and met Rose’s father, who emphatically had not approved of her having a boy in the house. There had been yelling. Emmett had seemed uncomfortable, but hadn’t tried to run away, so Rose considered it an overall win; her father had eventually backed down and let him stay, although not in her room, which Rose thought was stupid. If she and Emmett had wanted to do - that - they would have managed it during the 9 months of the year they spent together at boarding school.

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    Seriously, she could not be prouder of her friend. Marissa knew how much this stuff meant to Rose. The two were close almost immediately, so they knew practically everything about each other. Rose... more
    • Lying in wait, probably - Rose, Mon Feb 5 14:56
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