Katherine Kendrick
It's like a culinary safari
Mon Feb 5, 2018 16:38

It was luuuuunch tiiiiiime.

Kit had gone back to Lyra to get Darby because she didnít always bring her tarantula buddy to all of her classes, because sometimes teachers didnít want pets in class and sometimes Leon was a stupid crybaby and sometimes Darby didnít feel like coming. He always let Kit know when it wasnít a day for him to go to classes but she could sometimes convince him to come to meals with her, which were less crowded. So sheíd gone to Lyra and convinced Darby to come to lunch with her and when she got to lunch the Finer Diner was all different and special.

Although she wasnít sure what the holiday was, Kit noticed that there were pictures of animals on the placemats in front of the chairs when she placed Darby carefully on the table. It must be some kind of special animal day. Like Animal Appreciation Day! The second-year was pretty sure that had to be a real holiday because there was lots and lots of things to appreciate about animals. Probably Professor Bennett was the reason they were celebrating Animal Appreciation Day. He sure did a lot of appreciating animals, even the ones that were ugly or the ones that were dangerous. Kit appreciated animals too. And so did Aunt Jessie. Probably Aunt Jessie was celebrating Animal Appreciation Day in Africa with her dragons right now! Kit wondered if the dragons were getting cake. They should get cake. Well, dragon cake. Maybe made out of rabbits or antelope or something.

It took her a minute, but Kit came to realize slowly that there was no meat anywhere and instead there was tofu, lots of tofu. Kit wasnít a fan of tofu so instead of picking something with tofu in it, she sat down at the place sheíd put Darby and reached over the black-and-red tarantula to spoon some macínícheese on to her plate. She took a bite of the pasta and blinked. It definitely did not taste like normal macínícheese but it still tasted pretty cheesy and delicious, just a little more like nuts than usual. That was okay by her!

Out of the corner of her eye, Kit noticed someone walk by her and she reached out her arm, grabbing on to the edge of their clothing. ďCome try the Animal Appreciation Day macínícheese!Ē she suggested with a wide grin. ďIt tastes kind of like Cracker Jack!Ē

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    • It's like a culinary safari - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Feb 5 16:38
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