Dylan Xavier
Itís not bad enough for you. I donít like it.
Tue Feb 6, 2018 12:37

Dylan was hungry. He was looking forward to a nice tunafish sandwich. He ate a tunafish sandwich everyday. Cereal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, and whatever was on offer for dinner. He was a creature of habit and that was his culinary routine. Sometimes he mixed it up by adding cheese or lettuce or tomatoes or some combination thereof to his sandwich. But that was as exciting as he got at lunchtime.

He was heading over to his usual spot to eat his usual sandwich when his robe was grabbed and he was tugged toward - Oh, God, help him - Kit Kendrick and her giant spider.

Kit by herself was something of a dilemma for Dylan because he still felt embarrassed about the unkind things he had said and implied about her during The Potion Fumes Incident, and adding in an extra large arachnid at a table where people were eating made it even worse. He didnít really have a problem with spiders, exactly, though he doubted the wisdom of bringing them to class as Kit sometimes did (but doubting Kitís wisdom was a regular occurrence so nothing new there) but . . . this couldnít be sanitary.

ďUm,Ē he said as he fell into the seat next to her. And her spider. ďCracker Jack, what?Ē he repeated confused, thinking of carmelized popcorn and not sure if Kit even knew what Cracker Jacks were. He found himself with a bowl of mac n cheese in front of him, a giant tarantula next to him, and no sign of tunafish anywhere and he wasnít quite sure how to extricate from this situation (again, a common occurrence around Kit).

So there was nothing for it but to taste the mac n cheese. He took a tentative bite and made a weird face. ďThatís definitely not Kraft.Ē He sniffed at it, and examined some of the signs nearby and groaned. Well, he guessed it was better than when the Ruin Your Ability To Eat For Days Fliers came around last year. But it looked like he wasnít getting his tuna sandwich regardless.

Which brought him back to the mac n ďcheeseĒ. ďI mean, Iím not convinced Kraft has real cheese either, but itís got unnaturally processed orange powder, so thatís probably even less good for you, which makes it delicious.Ē

With all this healthiness and stuff about, he was less concerned about the spider than he had been. The spider couldnít make it worse.

  • It's like a culinary safari - Katherine Kendrick, Mon Feb 5 16:38
    It was luuuuunch tiiiiiime. Kit had gone back to Lyra to get Darby because she didnít always bring her tarantula buddy to all of her classes, because sometimes teachers didnít want pets in class and... more
    • Itís not bad enough for you. I donít like it. - Dylan Xavier, Tue Feb 6 12:37
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