Sometimes. If you're lucky.
Tue Feb 6, 2018 15:04

This kid might genuinely be on his side. The right side, the meat-eating side, the side that recognized it was absolutely fine to kill for food as long as the killing part was done sustainably. Or he might just be playing along in order to distance himself from the opposite side. That side could be summed up in three words: ‘wrong’, ‘all-animals-are-friends’, and ‘Myffi-is-an-okay-person-with-incomprehensible-morals’. But either way, it seemed like Marissa’s younger “cousin” (quotation marks because their family tree confused him yet he did not care quite enough to figure it out) had more common sense than her younger sister. That was a relief. Ruben hoped that the red-haired typhoon had smartened up a little since The Incident last year, but he didn’t have faith that a little improvement would put her anywhere close to normal. Drew was, at least by appearance, normal.

“Good.” It came out snappier than necessary. Whatever. Picking up a spoon, Ruben demonstrated that it was, in fact, possible to stab a liquid with a curved surface. His aggressive eating calmed down marginally as his tongue reassured him that the chili was spicy enough to focus on that instead of the lack of proper proteins. It slowed down further when Drew spoke to him. Why was the kid speaking to him? What reason could he possibly have for wasting their time at the lamest RMI lunch to date? He just wanted to eat this entire bowl and leave, damnit. Go back to Aquila and make out with Kaye or something. That would help.

Despite his grump, he noticed right away how Drew lowered his voice while continuing to talk at him. With an expression that was equal parts suspicious and annoyed, Ruben arched a well-groomed eyebrow at the kid, dunking a slice of rye into his chili while he waited to find out the point of whatever Drew was asking of him. Only people who wanted something dropped their speaking volume. And… huh. That was an interesting request.

Ruben hadn’t realized that his half-brother had been talking about their sessions with anyone. To be fair, the earlier ones had been more him just talking at Anssi and only more recently had they moved onto practical stuff, but, like, privacy had been literally part of their deal. He hadn’t explicitly said not to spread it around, but he’d made enough comments on how lucky Kalle was to have him as a guide through the real magical world that he had fully expected him to get it and stay quiet. Apparently that expectation had been wrong. It took a moment, but after thinking it over, Ruben decided that it was forgivable. Drew clearly wasn’t thinking along the lines of dragging them in front of the school admin (although really, even if he had, who would believe someone who was barely a teenager over an adult like himself?) or else he never would’ve thought to recruit his help.

“So…” he drew out, “you, Remington-” Ruben suspected that was the same girl that Kalle-Anssi had told him about, though fan, he’d said her name so many different ways, he couldn’t be sure. “-Dade-” Rose would probably either be impressed with her brother or ask Ruben to die for getting involved. Hah. “-and Kit?” Weird. Also ugh. “Interesting group. Has this been happening for very long? It can be hard, to accept more... official leadership after teaching yourselves in a small group for a time.” This was true, kind of. Mostly, he was just curious. If this was a new thing, what had inspired it? And if it had been going on last year too, then how the hell had they made it this far without him finding out about it?

“That is not a yes or a no,” he interjected before Drew could answer. “Only that this will take some work to set up and preferably you are more than ‘kinda’ committed to it.” Really, he’d be totally willing to pull some time out of his days to teach a group of kids who wanted to learn about practical magic outside of their dumb Defense Against the Dark Arts textbooks. But he needed to feel this out. No point starting a - thing - if one of them was going to bail out and risk exposing them all. Ruben wasn’t sure if that would be a ‘delay graduation’ type of crime, but his interest in getting out of this school was higher than his interest in re-educating a few misguided Americans.

  • Are there good types of different? - Drew Tennant, Sun Feb 4 15:15
    The day after classes started, Drew had asked Remington if she wanted to get together to exchange some of the things they’d learned over the summer. Aaron had taught Drew a lot of spells, but Drew... more
    • Sometimes. If you're lucky. - Ruben, Tue Feb 6 15:04
      • I’m feeling lucky - Drew, Tue Feb 6 17:32
        Ruben did seem surprised, but he didn’t say no, so that was good. “Just since school started this year,” Drew told him, trying to sound like that wasn’t much time at all, because it sounded like... more
        • What a surprise - Ruben, Wed Feb 14 21:00
          Assuming Drew was telling the truth, then this kid’s self-taught fighting whatever-it-was had been started up and kept running almost impressively quick. He had no particular reason to assume... more
          • Surprises are good too - Drew, Wed Feb 21 12:44
            Drew had been all ready to talk Ruben into teaching their club. A seventh-year whose main hobby seemed to be punching people would probably say he had better things to do than teach a bunch of... more
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