I’m feeling lucky
Tue Feb 6, 2018 17:32

Ruben did seem surprised, but he didn’t say no, so that was good. “Just since school started this year,” Drew told him, trying to sound like that wasn’t much time at all, because it sounded like Ruben might say no if they were a longstanding group. It hadn’t really been that long. They’d been practicing in the secret passageways, since Drew knew pretty much all of them. If you took the right branches, then the one behind the Muggle literature shelf in the library led to this room that had a couch and a bunch of really old books, most of which were potions-related and looked like they’d been repaired or rebound in the last couple decades.

Drew figured that if they ever needed more space they could probably borrow a classroom that no one was using, but there’d been no occasion for that so far. Also Remington took the privacy of the group really seriously. That was why she was basically the president. Dade was the Head of Research and Kit was the Official Guinea Pig, which was a title she liked because she liked guinea pigs. (They were loud and they bit things so that was a lot like Kit.) And Darby was the mascot, mostly because Kit insisted but also because if there was any time it actually made sense for Darby to be a mascot, it was for their secret dueling club. Drew would nominate himself the Treasurer (because they didn’t have any money or expenses, so the treasurer wouldn’t have to do anything, which Drew was okay with). Although he was talking to Ruben about helping them now so Drew guessed he could be called an Outreach Coordinator or something fancy like that.

Ruben called it an interesting group but Drew thought the people they had made sense. It had started with Drew and Remington because Connor was a jerk and they were black and some of their family members were concerned. Which was fair. And then Remington thought Dade might be interested because of the magic part, and apparently Dade had already been practicing spells with Kit already, so it just made sense to bring her in at that point. Plus Drew hardly ever did anything without Kit.

He guessed they would have to have Anssi come too if Ruben was helping. That was okay. Drew didn’t know Anssi any better than he knew Ruben, except that Anssi was really nice and smiley, so like the opposite of Ruben, who was tough and scowly. Actually Drew had an overall negative opinion of Ruben because he’d been rude about Marissa last year. But if he wanted a good secret dueling teacher who also did martial arts stuff, Ruben was the guy to ask.

“After the thing with Connor last year,” he assumed that Ruben knew about that; Drew had told Heather specifically so that everyone would know, “it seemed like a good idea to learn some self-defense stuff.” He didn’t mention that he’d been learning some of it from Aaron. They had a gentleman’s agreement not to tell people about the extra practice. Drew had already told Remington anyway but Ruben was a hippogriff of a different color. “We’re committed,” he said, because they mostly were. Well, Kit was less committed to the learning stuff part of it, but she liked doing spells when they could get her to pay attention to stuff for a couple of minutes, and she was really invested in being a moving target. And the rest of them were really, definitely committed. Drew didn’t want Ruben to totally take over the group, and he should be clear that the underclassmen would still be in charge, so he added, “We don’t need leadership, but we know you know your stuff. So we were thinking you could be like a guest lecturer, or a sponsor.” Like how Professor Bennett sponsored the Agriculture Club, but everyone knew Myffi Owen was actually in charge of it. “We need someone to show us the things we can’t get out of a book.”

  • Sometimes. If you're lucky. - Ruben, Tue Feb 6 15:04
    This kid might genuinely be on his side. The right side, the meat-eating side, the side that recognized it was absolutely fine to kill for food as long as the killing part was done sustainably. Or he ... more
    • I’m feeling lucky - Drew, Tue Feb 6 17:32
      • What a surprise - Ruben, Wed Feb 14 21:00
        Assuming Drew was telling the truth, then this kid’s self-taught fighting whatever-it-was had been started up and kept running almost impressively quick. He had no particular reason to assume... more
        • Surprises are good too - Drew, Wed Feb 21 12:44
          Drew had been all ready to talk Ruben into teaching their club. A seventh-year whose main hobby seemed to be punching people would probably say he had better things to do than teach a bunch of... more
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