Dardanius (and also Claudia) Dubois
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Having spent an incredible afternoon with Holland, Danny now had to complete the far less enticing task of telling Claudia that he was - once again - in an unsanctioned relationship. He was hoping she wouldn’t be too disenchanted, because she liked Holland, but nevertheless he’d been pleased to find her at one of the smaller tables in the Diner, right near the edge of the room. She had already finished her meal, but didn’t object to Danny joining her.

He began by asking Claudia about Marley. He hadn’t paid much attention to his sister’s friendships in the past, but Holland had warned him that Claudia had fallen out with Marley over dating another girl in their year (he’d assumed she was just upset about Connor over the summer, or maybe she hadn’t liked Marissa being there so often, but perhaps she’d been thinking about Marley, too. No wonder she’d been out of spirits; Danny felt bad for not realizing she’d been having a rough time). While she looked a little tense as she answered, Claudia assured him she was fine, so Danny decided to gently introduce her to the concept that he was dating again.

“Oh, Danny, no,” Claudia said instantly, sounding exasperated. “Haven’t you learned anything? You’re not supposed to date,” she explained to him as though she were explaining to a first year why you needed to use a clean cauldron for each new potion. “You have a perfectly good betrothal offer waiting,” (Danny decided now was not the best time to enlighten Claudia; he had written to Elinor explaining he could not give a definitive answer right now, so he advised her against waiting for him but it was not an outright rejection), “I don’t understand why you’d waste your time with another unsuitable girl.” She looked at him imploringly, her expression a mix of pity and frustration, born, Danny suspected, from his apparent refusal to commit to her impossible ideals.

He stalled, unsure how to continue in the face of unanticipated rebuttal at this early stage. “I don’t regret my decisions,” he said softly, testing the waters. Considering Claudia’s interactions with Connor, which had appeared to be some third-year version of dating, he hadn’t expected her to be opposed to him dating in general. Unless her perceived unsuitability of his past interests was the source of her disapproval. That was, in many ways, much worse.

“Okay,” Claudia sighed, the two syllables heavily coated with disappointed resignation. “Who is it this time?”

Danny sat a little straighter and took a breath before enunciating carefully, so she wouldn’t have any cause for misinterpretation, “Holland.”

Despite his efforts to avoid this exact reaction, Claudia’s immediate response was to stare at him for a moment, and then ask, “What?” That he might have predicted, but she had turned alarmingly pale in the interim, and her one-word question was closer to being hissed than spoken. He recoiled under the intensity of her gaze. She had looked at him many times before when he could tell she thought he was being an idiot, but this wasn’t the same; she looked horrified. “Have you lost your mind?” she whispered, leaning forwards, perhaps to say more, but her sudden proximity and alarming demeanor caused Danny to instinctively draw back.

“Claudia,” he said placatingly, because although she looked more annoyed than he had ever seen her, she also looked like she was about to cry, “I’m not -” but he couldn’t finish the sentence, because she suddenly stood.

“No,” she said forcefully, and now she was crying for real. “You’re not.” He didn't know exactly what she meant, but her demeanor implied it wasn't anything positive. She took two steps backwards away from him while Danny’s thoughts were frantic and he scrambled to his feet too, having no idea how or why she’d gotten so distraught so quickly. He tried to reach out to her but she flinched away from his hand. “Don’t touch me.”

He had no idea how to fix this. He didn’t even know what the problem was! He would concede there were a lot to choose from, but he hadn’t thought his sister - with whom he’d never been close but had always gotten along well - would react with such vehement negativity to any of them. “Come on, I don’t understand why you’re so upset. Talk to me,” he pleaded.

Claudia shook her head, tears still rolling down both her cheeks, her makeup remaining perfectly in place despite this. “Leave me alone, Danny,” she said. With no further words she turned on her heel and walked briskly away from him, leaving her brother staring after her, dumbfounded.

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