Caleb Taylor
I’m here for Claudia
Mon Feb 12, 2018 17:25

RMI was interesting. Caleb couldn’t really place his finger on specific things that he found so interesting – and weird, but good weird -, but the new fifth-year was thoroughly enjoying his time at the school. The blonde had a little bit of catching up in the academic area since his school back in Chicago had a different curriculum, Caleb was sure he had not worked his hard academically ever before, but it was okay because good grades equaled to prospective scholarships. The Lyra knew what he wanted to do in life, and it involved Quidditch. However, his father was adamant that he receive a good college education along with playing the sport. They had compromised in competitive college Quidditch before attempting the pros. Caleb was okay with that. Sort of.

But anyways, the blonde young wizard was always hungry, probably since he trained quite a bit and his body required the sustenance. The grey-eyed boy didn’t mind it, but had started a habit of having yummy snacks in his backpack for such occasions. Now, since it was almost dinner time the blonde had arrived earlier than usual and had devoured in a matter of seconds a hamburger, a side mac and cheese and French fries. Caleb had been famished. It was never a great idea to train on an empty stomach! However, no matter how hungry he had been, he had taken a quick shower before heading towards the dinner. No one liked a smelly teenage wizard.

Caleb had been peacefully finishing his dessert – a sundae! – when he saw his Quidditch captain enter the diner and sit down with a younger witch. A specific younger witch Caleb had seen a couple of times and had caught his eye. He had not done anything to meet her, but maybe Danny would be cool enough to introduce them? He had heard they were siblings? Caleb wasn’t sure, but he was going to ask Danny next Quidditch practice. He made a mental note and grabbed a couple of sugar cookies that were laying sadly on the table.

After another glance to the table were Danny and Claudia were sitting, Caleb went back to the book he had open on the table – a Quidditch book focused on Chaser strategies, a light reading, really. He turned a few pages before his grey-eyes went back to Claudia, but this time his attention remained there. The atmosphere seemed a bit hostile, and Calen could what seemed tears? He wasn’t sure since he wasn’t close enough, but he got up from his seat as Claudia moved away from her brother, and that when the Lyra saw she was, indeed, crying.

He knew it was kind of creepy and weird since they didn’t know one another, but he wanted to make sure she was okay. “Hey,” he caught up with her. “Are you okay?” he asked her hoping she would stop.

  • Still not posting with myself - replies to either welcome - Dardanius (and also Claudia) Dubois, Mon Feb 12 16:13
    Having spent an incredible afternoon with Holland, Danny now had to complete the far less enticing task of telling Claudia that he was - once again - in an unsanctioned relationship. He was hoping... more
    • Heeeey Danny boy! - Ruben Lundqvist, Mon Feb 12 23:49
      At this exact moment, Ruben couldn’t entirely tell where his hair ended and his salad began. This was an unusual experience and also one that he was absolutely fine with. The Drama Club overall had... more
      • Hello Ruben - Dardanius, Thu Feb 15 16:30
        Danny sat back down in his seat, having very little idea what just happened. He didn’t expect Claudia to be so opposed to him dating before he’d even mentioned a name, and even then he hadn’t... more
        • Betcha thought I wasn't coming back - Ruben, Sun Feb 25 00:08
          He immediately interpreted the way that Danny resumed eating his squash as an attempt to mimic his own intimidation-eating. Pfft. Squash was not a food with even the possibility of being... more
          • I had faith in you - Danny, Mon Feb 26 15:24
            It was tough to get along with Ruben. Even when the two seventh years didn’t have any particular quarrel, Danny found that the Swede just intentionally tried to make it difficult for people to like... more
            • Concealed threats, despite being one of his primary skill sets, was not actually what he had been going for here. So the fact that Danny’s first response was to laugh was annoying, to say the least.... more
              • Well that was uncalled for - Danny, Tue Feb 27 20:28
                Sure, Danny could handle a threat from someone who was seventeen. However he doubted a few months on his side made up for Ruben’s pro-violence approach to conflict. He either hadn’t understood the... more
                • But surely not a surprise - Ruben, Thu Mar 1 22:52
                  Danny’s face had the expression of someone trying very hard not to have any expression at all. The other boy was failing, obviously, because Ruben had spent literally over a decade tangled up in... more
                  • No surprises here - Danny, Fri Mar 2 10:17
                    “Don’t worry, Dar-danny-us, I have complete faith in Holland. We know each other very well.” Generally irritated by the undesirable progression of his day and Ruben’s continued insistence on being an ... more
                    • I'll try harder next time - Ruben, Sat Mar 17 16:48
                      "If you're just looking for a fight-" If? Hah. He was pretty much always looking for a fight. There was not much point in day-to-day life if the majority of those days didn't contain something to... more
                      • You nailed it - Danny, Sun Mar 18 16:26
                        It was plain to Danny that Ruben was going to hold him personally responsible for any hypothetical harm that came Holland’s way (this was not at all surprising; of course Ruben would blame Danny for... more
    • I’m here for Claudia - Caleb Taylor , Mon Feb 12 17:25
      • I'm glad someone is - Claudia Dubois, Thu Feb 15 15:51
        She was finding it so difficult not to be overwhelmed. Her high-waisted pencil skirt restricted the movement of her legs, forcing her to take smaller steps than she would have liked as her matching... more
        • I’m here to help - Caleb , Thu Feb 15 16:43
          Caleb didn't receive a response right away but instead Claudia continued to walk presumably out of the sight of everyone in the Finer Diner. He didn't blame her, to be honest. She was crying in the... more
          • I'm not sure you can - Claudia, Sat Feb 17 15:06
            Claudia couldn’t think about Danny right now - her mind seemed to have recognised that she would not be able to process this information without a great deal of emotional anguish and confusion, and... more
            • At least let me try! - Caleb , Tue Feb 20 15:35
              Everything was going better than expected. Claudia had accepted his company! And it made the fifth-year feel a bit useful. He had no idea how to help the younger witch, but he seemed to be on the... more
              • At least let me try (take 2) - Caleb, Tue Feb 20 15:36
                Everything was going better than expected. Claudia had accepted his company! And it made the fifth-year feel a bit useful. He had no idea how to help the younger witch, but he seemed to be on the... more
                • Be my guest - Claudia, Wed Feb 21 15:39
                  There weren’t many assessments of RMI that Caleb could have made at that moment to endear himself to Claudia, but apparently a way to distance her was to claim it was ‘great’. There was, in Claudia’s ... more
                  • Hank you for the opportunity! - Caleb , Mon Feb 26 18:08
                    He made her smile! The blonde was smug about achieving that, especially after she had been crying. Her smile meant that he was doing a good job at becoming a distraction, and his heart couldn't help... more
                    • You're earning my good opinion - Claudia, Wed Feb 28 07:13
                      It would be an accurate assessment that Claudia found people laughing at her most unsettling. However as Caleb proceeded to chuckle at the answer she provided, the fourth year decided that having... more
                      • Caleb listened intently as Claudia talked about her summer breaks. They sounded relaxing and low-key, especially compared to his summers. Caleb’s summer was active from dawn to dusk. Most of his time ... more
                        • Good point, well made - Claudia, Fri Mar 2 15:47
                          Claudia would not describe families breakfasts as perfect, but Caleb’s interpretation was sufficiently appreciative that Claudia graced him with another smile, which held fast as he told her a little ... more
                          • Thank you - Caleb, Sun Mar 18 23:50
                            “Thats easy,” Caleb declared with a big grin, “Quidditch.” Caleb didn't hesitate to give an answer to Claudia’s inquiry. Since he had been a small boy he had focused his energy on mastering the noble ... more
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