What a surprise
Wed Feb 14, 2018 21:00

Assuming Drew was telling the truth, then this kid’s self-taught fighting whatever-it-was had been started up and kept running almost impressively quick. He had no particular reason to assume otherwise, although, to be fair, he had no particular reason to assume anything, since he was pretty sure this was the first actual interaction they had had. But, again to be fair, Ruben decided to assume that Drew was lying and that it had actually been running for longer. Except surely that still could not be very much longer. Sizing up the boy, he guessed that Drew was probably around his brother’s age, and so probably hadn’t been at RMI very long… Er well, probably he had because of the whole ‘parents are on staff’ thing, but it seemed like it would be pretty damn hard for a ten-or-less-year-old to start an underground violence sect while being constantly shadowed by their parents or house elves or other inconvenient adultish figures.

The next words out of the kid’s mouth were an immediate reassurance that yup, he had been lying, even if only in a stretched elastic kind of way, because apparently this had been going on since late last year. Of course Ruben knew what he was talking about. For one, his girlfriend, who hadn’t been his girlfriend at the time but that didn’t matter, was literally roommates with Heather, who in turn was literally all mouth and no brain. For another, Rose existed around the Aquila commons sometimes and at Quidditch tryouts other times, and also in some of his classes, Dueling Club, and, well, just generally in enough places that he had overheard enough of her grumping schemes about murdering her brother to put two and five together.

(Two and five made seven. Yeah, he knew that ‘two and five’ was not the normal English expression. But two, which was the result of ‘one and one’, was lame. Seven was one of the most magically powerful multipliers. And actually fit the context. For instance, he’d read an article over the summer in a magitrivia magazine about how some Eastern European warlock in the sixteen-hundreds murdered his neighbours on both sides using only a hemlock fire and a seven-sided die carved with symbols of various fish species and the Futhark raido. That was pretty awesome. Also a great murder scheme. Efficiency could use some work, but the creativity was there.)

Ruben was less pleased at the rebuke of his truly generous leadership offer. But ‘sponsor’ was still a decent title. Blue eyes surveyed Drew for a moment, silently daring him to break eye contact, and then he nodded, once. “Okej. I will sponsor your… group. Not a guest lecturer. That suggests I would be there only rarely, but I want to come more frequently, at least at the start, so that I can have an idea for where you are now and where I can take you. Because, ja, I have much knowledge that is not in textbooks here, but also some that is not in books where I come from.” He smirked. “Also, Kalle-Anssi will be joining us.” Duh. He wouldn’t be asking his brother about it so much as telling him. “Is that sounding good? And speaking of good sounds, does this… group… have a name?” Ruben gestured with his spoon to stop the boy from talking right away. “More questions. Regular meeting times or no? And the same place every time or not?” His hopes that the group was named appropriately were slim, because Kit Kendrick was involved, but maybe the sense of the others could balance Kit out and get their meetings scheduled properly, i.e. not scheduled much at all. And if not, maybe they would listen to their new sponsor.

...Heh. It really was a decent title. His smirk widened. Yeah, Ruben was okay with this. Having leadership over a group of mismatched children would probably get old pretty quick, anyways.

  • I’m feeling lucky - Drew, Tue Feb 6 17:32
    Ruben did seem surprised, but he didn’t say no, so that was good. “Just since school started this year,” Drew told him, trying to sound like that wasn’t much time at all, because it sounded like... more
    • What a surprise - Ruben, Wed Feb 14 21:00
      • Surprises are good too - Drew, Wed Feb 21 12:44
        Drew had been all ready to talk Ruben into teaching their club. A seventh-year whose main hobby seemed to be punching people would probably say he had better things to do than teach a bunch of... more
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