I'm not sure you can
Sat Feb 17, 2018 15:06

Claudia couldn’t think about Danny right now - her mind seemed to have recognised that she would not be able to process this information without a great deal of emotional anguish and confusion, and so had started to close itself off to her attempts - and it was almost certainly a more profitable use of her time to get herself back under control The persistent company of Caleb was helpful in that regard: she had already made far more of a scene than was respectable, so it was imperative she regained some semblance of control as swiftly as possible. She took some steadying breaths and placed her tear-dampened palms against the smooth, flat wall behind her.

“You don't have to tell me what happened, but do you mind if I keep you company?” Why was he being so affable? Claudia glanced, and tried not to stare, at the fifth year - barely an acquaintance - who had followed her, despite (or perhaps because of) her distress. Her first instinctive thought was there was no chance she would tell him what happened - or anyone else, for that matter - and he should have no reason to suspect she would divulge any personal event that caused such obvious a negative reaction, especially to someone she knew so little. However, the second part didn’t sound so wholly repellent. She’d spent so much time on her own already this term, that even with cheeks and eyes that were moist and pink, she did not object to Caleb’s company.

“You can stay,” she spoke to him, but she had closed her eyes for momentary respite. She opened them again after a short pause, took another breath, and, feeling monumentally disappointed in herself for such an obvious display of weakness, managed to properly survey her current companion. He was dressed casually in jeans, but she couldn’t necessarily use that as a character judgment; he was smiling a little but standing a fraction too close for her to be completely comfortable. She would have liked to confide in a friend at that moment, but she was not so rich in those as she had once been. She would not confide in a stranger, but he may well provide adequate distraction before she inevitably had to consider this nonsense.

She supposed she ought to apologise for her behaviour, or to thank him for approaching her, but Claudia was not in spirits to do either of those things. She didn’t want to talk about herself right now. “How are you settling in to RMI?” she asked, instead. Her heart rate was slowing, her breaths becoming shallower. “Is it much different from your last school?”

  • I’m here to help - Caleb , Thu Feb 15 16:43
    Caleb didn't receive a response right away but instead Claudia continued to walk presumably out of the sight of everyone in the Finer Diner. He didn't blame her, to be honest. She was crying in the... more
    • I'm not sure you can - Claudia, Sat Feb 17 15:06
      • At least let me try! - Caleb , Tue Feb 20 15:35
        Everything was going better than expected. Claudia had accepted his company! And it made the fifth-year feel a bit useful. He had no idea how to help the younger witch, but he seemed to be on the... more
        • At least let me try (take 2) - Caleb, Tue Feb 20 15:36
          Everything was going better than expected. Claudia had accepted his company! And it made the fifth-year feel a bit useful. He had no idea how to help the younger witch, but he seemed to be on the... more
          • Be my guest - Claudia, Wed Feb 21 15:39
            There weren’t many assessments of RMI that Caleb could have made at that moment to endear himself to Claudia, but apparently a way to distance her was to claim it was ‘great’. There was, in Claudia’s ... more
            • Hank you for the opportunity! - Caleb , Mon Feb 26 18:08
              He made her smile! The blonde was smug about achieving that, especially after she had been crying. Her smile meant that he was doing a good job at becoming a distraction, and his heart couldn't help... more
              • You're earning my good opinion - Claudia, Wed Feb 28 07:13
                It would be an accurate assessment that Claudia found people laughing at her most unsettling. However as Caleb proceeded to chuckle at the answer she provided, the fourth year decided that having... more
                • Caleb listened intently as Claudia talked about her summer breaks. They sounded relaxing and low-key, especially compared to his summers. Caleb’s summer was active from dawn to dusk. Most of his time ... more
                  • Good point, well made - Claudia, Fri Mar 2 15:47
                    Claudia would not describe families breakfasts as perfect, but Caleb’s interpretation was sufficiently appreciative that Claudia graced him with another smile, which held fast as he told her a little ... more
                    • Thank you - Caleb, Sun Mar 18 23:50
                      “Thats easy,” Caleb declared with a big grin, “Quidditch.” Caleb didn't hesitate to give an answer to Claudia’s inquiry. Since he had been a small boy he had focused his energy on mastering the noble ... more
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