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Wed Feb 21, 2018 15:39

There weren’t many assessments of RMI that Caleb could have made at that moment to endear himself to Claudia, but apparently a way to distance her was to claim it was ‘great’. There was, in Claudia’s opinion, very little that was ‘great’ about her school. It was not great, for instance, that so many students seem to be involved in physical brawls in what ought to be safe spaces of a school, such as corridors and commonrooms. It was not great that so many students subscribed to an irrational doctrine wherein anyone could be attracted to anyone, apparently, and would act on it without any consideration of circumstance nor consequence. It was decidedly less than great that her brother fell gracelessly into both these categories.

Oh good grief, it was the variation of culture that Caleb lauded. How tiresome. Claudia supposed it was reasonable to assume that there would be a variation of culture in a school that proclaimed itself to be international, especially when compared with a community like the one Caleb described. Claudia could not necessarily relate; she had lived her whole life in New Orleans before starting school at Rocky Mountain International (although her mother was from Illinois). At least listening to Caleb talk was helping a little, even if Claudia’s thoughts kept straying back to her family without her conscious approval. “The school I attended before wasn't a boarding school, I got to go back home to my siblings and mother,” he elaborated.

Claudia sighed a little. “That’s quite a change,” she said softly. Merlin knew, in first year she had cried every evening for at least the first month of term, she had missed her parents so much. Danny had looked after her in those early days, before she’d settled into the school and found her own rhythm. While she had adjusted to being away during term time, Claudia felt that right now she wanted nothing more than to be able to go home at the end of the day, where everything made sense, where people held the same morals and ideals that she did, and where she could find people who loved and supported her.

Perhaps it wasn’t the best moment for Caleb to ask what she liked best about RMI. Claudia sighed again, more heavily this time, the breath she expelled laden with despondency. She decided that merely replying ‘Nothing’ did not accurately answer the question, which had assumed a hierarchy of preference. “The food is adequate,” Claudia replied tonelessly. “The summer break is long,” she added, contemplatively. She raised her brown eyes to meet Caleb’s, and managed a small smile. “So far, the cons are winning for me,” she confessed.

  • At least let me try (take 2) - Caleb, Tue Feb 20 15:36
    Everything was going better than expected. Claudia had accepted his company! And it made the fifth-year feel a bit useful. He had no idea how to help the younger witch, but he seemed to be on the... more
    • Be my guest - Claudia, Wed Feb 21 15:39
      • Hank you for the opportunity! - Caleb , Mon Feb 26 18:08
        He made her smile! The blonde was smug about achieving that, especially after she had been crying. Her smile meant that he was doing a good job at becoming a distraction, and his heart couldn't help... more
        • You're earning my good opinion - Claudia, Wed Feb 28 07:13
          It would be an accurate assessment that Claudia found people laughing at her most unsettling. However as Caleb proceeded to chuckle at the answer she provided, the fourth year decided that having... more
          • Caleb listened intently as Claudia talked about her summer breaks. They sounded relaxing and low-key, especially compared to his summers. Caleb’s summer was active from dawn to dusk. Most of his time ... more
            • Good point, well made - Claudia, Fri Mar 2 15:47
              Claudia would not describe families breakfasts as perfect, but Caleb’s interpretation was sufficiently appreciative that Claudia graced him with another smile, which held fast as he told her a little ... more
              • Thank you - Caleb, Sun Mar 18 23:50
                “Thats easy,” Caleb declared with a big grin, “Quidditch.” Caleb didn't hesitate to give an answer to Claudia’s inquiry. Since he had been a small boy he had focused his energy on mastering the noble ... more
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