Betcha thought I wasn't coming back
Sun Feb 25, 2018 00:08

He immediately interpreted the way that Danny resumed eating his squash as an attempt to mimic his own intimidation-eating. Pfft. Squash was not a food with even the possibility of being intimidating, especially not in the (admittedly tasty but far too uninteresting) cooked-in-wholes way that made up Danny’s meal. The best choice for an intimidating food would be meaty dishes, of course, because of the gore, but on a meatless budget like the Diner was at present, salad was the next best option. With a salad, there was no constancy. A salad was literally just a random bunch of other foods, ripped and chopped and dismembered from their cores in order to create a plate of edible chaos such as the one in front of him. Smug in his reasserted superiority, Ruben rolled his eyes at the lame retort and stabbed both a mandarin slice and a walnut on the fork’s teeth.

Loudly crunching down on the nut, he feigned surprise at the question. “What? Really? That cannot be right.” Tipping his head back ever so slightly as he pretended to pat at his scalp, fingers barely grazing the entwined leaves, Ruben focused on a non-verbal Finite and then casually slammed his head forwards. Alas that he could never watch himself headbang, but by the feel of his long hair swinging, he was certain it had made an impressive arc. An extra benefit of cancelling the sticking charm was that he had just flung a substantial pile of dirty Nature across the table and hopefully right into the other boy’s dinner and/or face.

Ruben flipped his hair back, ran his free fingers through the normal blonde locks, and shrugged innocently. “Nothing, see? You should have learned by now that you will never trick me.” Spinning his fork around, he noted a couple extra leaves in his salad. Looked like birch. One might be a poplar. He made a point of eating them.

“So back on the topic of your sweet, sweet life,” Ruben continued after he was finished with that mouthful. (He didn’t care enough to let Danny finish whatever he might have been saying. He didn’t care so much, in fact, that he wasn’t paying attention to whether Danny had been saying anything at all, only biding his time munching down the sour-er additions to his salad and sizing Danny up with the idle mental scheme of how best to fit him inside one of the Quidditch lockers. Hypothetically, of course. And the hypothetical solution he came up with, if anyone was also curious, was to have him simply step in sideways. He would have to be hunched over, and likely need at least one arm and shoulder removed in order for the locker door to close, but really, that was just the frosting on the cake.)

“You do know it is possible to have too much sweet, ja? One day, for example, you may wake up to find yourself diabetic, and then you will have to give up so many sweets in order to be balanced again. How sad it will be if any of them are hurt in the process,” Ruben commented. His tone was more speculative, but the angle of his perfectly-groomed thick brows said otherwise. “I suppose you think that as long as you are fine in the end, that is what matters. But you won’t be. Doctors are very fast with the shots, the drugs, the blood tests… You may even need a full blood transfusion. Although I have heard that getting the blood back in can be very difficult. Might not want to get your hopes too high about making it to your next birthday.” Did Ruben genuinely know anything about diabetes? Well, yeah, he knew a bit, obviously. His real area of expertise was in the realm of concealed threats, however. That should be even more obvious.

  • Hello Ruben - Dardanius, Thu Feb 15 16:30
    Danny sat back down in his seat, having very little idea what just happened. He didn’t expect Claudia to be so opposed to him dating before he’d even mentioned a name, and even then he hadn’t... more
    • Betcha thought I wasn't coming back - Ruben, Sun Feb 25 00:08
      • I had faith in you - Danny, Mon Feb 26 15:24
        It was tough to get along with Ruben. Even when the two seventh years didn’t have any particular quarrel, Danny found that the Swede just intentionally tried to make it difficult for people to like... more
        • Concealed threats, despite being one of his primary skill sets, was not actually what he had been going for here. So the fact that Danny’s first response was to laugh was annoying, to say the least.... more
          • Well that was uncalled for - Danny, Tue Feb 27 20:28
            Sure, Danny could handle a threat from someone who was seventeen. However he doubted a few months on his side made up for Ruben’s pro-violence approach to conflict. He either hadn’t understood the... more
            • But surely not a surprise - Ruben, Thu Mar 1 22:52
              Danny’s face had the expression of someone trying very hard not to have any expression at all. The other boy was failing, obviously, because Ruben had spent literally over a decade tangled up in... more
              • No surprises here - Danny, Fri Mar 2 10:17
                “Don’t worry, Dar-danny-us, I have complete faith in Holland. We know each other very well.” Generally irritated by the undesirable progression of his day and Ruben’s continued insistence on being an ... more
                • I'll try harder next time - Ruben, Sat Mar 17 16:48
                  "If you're just looking for a fight-" If? Hah. He was pretty much always looking for a fight. There was not much point in day-to-day life if the majority of those days didn't contain something to... more
                  • You nailed it - Danny, Sun Mar 18 16:26
                    It was plain to Danny that Ruben was going to hold him personally responsible for any hypothetical harm that came Holland’s way (this was not at all surprising; of course Ruben would blame Danny for... more
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