I had faith in you
Mon Feb 26, 2018 15:24

It was tough to get along with Ruben. Even when the two seventh years didn’t have any particular quarrel, Danny found that the Swede just intentionally tried to make it difficult for people to like him. This particular thought occurred as Danny was assailed by a torrent of vegetation that had, moments previously, been in Ruben’s hair (and before that who knew?). Sighing in a resigned fashion, wondering what he’d done to deserve the past few minutes of his life, Danny brushed some debris off the shoulder of his plum-purple shirt, and pushed his plate - food now contaminated with unsanitary foliage - to the side. “Ruben, what do you want?” he asked, his patience beginning to wane, but Ruben was already talking over the end of the question, apparently content to continue discussing Danny’s life.

Considering he had only returned from his third date with Holland within the past hour, Danny was immeasurably pleased that he’d sought out Claudia as soon as he did. Admittedly the conversation did not go quite as well as planned, to say the least, but the RMI rumor mill was yet more voracious than Danny had anticipated, informing Ruben of his personal affairs before he’d even had chance to alert his own sister. If he weren’t so disoriented from unexpectedly upsetting Claudia so thoroughly, and the subsequent arrival of his current companion, he’d have marveled at the speed and accuracy of the gossip.

With continued consumption of his food (or anything else on this table, for that matter) no longer an option, Danny clasped his hands on the table top and waited for Ruben to get to the point. Which he did, in a roundabout way, talking about sweets and diabetes. If he merely had a transcript to this conversation Danny thought he might be lost regarding its purpose, but Ruben’s expressions and intonation made it abundantly clear what he was aiming to convey. Also the threat about not making it to his next birthday was very thinly veiled.

At least Danny now knew why Ruben was aggressively eating salad at him. This was the overprotective friend warning, the one that Emmett or Danny probably should have given to Ruben when he had started dating Holland. Instead they had both foolishly given Ruben the benefit of the doubt, only to later ill-advisedly attempt to keep Holland and Ruben apart to prevent them reuniting. Both Lyras had been met with an irate Holland, frustrated that the boys tried to interfere. Danny couldn’t help but be entertained that Ruben was now threatening him. He was definitely going to tell Holland, who would be just as mad with Ruben as they’d been with Emmett and Danny before. Besides, Ruben thinking he had right to be giving Danny the ‘threaten the boyfriend’ speech on Holland’s behalf was laughable.

So he laughed. A small chuckle at first, then a deeper chortle. “Yeah, okay,” Danny replied, unclasping his hands and crossing his arms leisurely on the table. Still snickering he said, “I guess it’s great that you’re looking out for Holland, but honestly, Ruben, you don’t need to threaten me. I’m not going to hurt them.” Plus Holland had been kind of mad when Ruben had injured Danny before. It probably wouldn’t look good for the Aquila if it happened again.

“Anyway, I thought we’d talked about threatening other students?” Danny pointedly raised his eyebrows. Last year Ruben’s antagonism of Claudia was probably not genuine, but Danny had suggested he refrain from bullying or otherwise intimidating the lower years, regardless of his intention to follow up on his promise of pain or death. He strongly suspected this particular threat made on his own person was far less idle.

  • Betcha thought I wasn't coming back - Ruben, Sun Feb 25 00:08
    He immediately interpreted the way that Danny resumed eating his squash as an attempt to mimic his own intimidation-eating. Pfft. Squash was not a food with even the possibility of being... more
    • I had faith in you - Danny, Mon Feb 26 15:24
      • Concealed threats, despite being one of his primary skill sets, was not actually what he had been going for here. So the fact that Danny’s first response was to laugh was annoying, to say the least.... more
        • Well that was uncalled for - Danny, Tue Feb 27 20:28
          Sure, Danny could handle a threat from someone who was seventeen. However he doubted a few months on his side made up for Ruben’s pro-violence approach to conflict. He either hadn’t understood the... more
          • But surely not a surprise - Ruben, Thu Mar 1 22:52
            Danny’s face had the expression of someone trying very hard not to have any expression at all. The other boy was failing, obviously, because Ruben had spent literally over a decade tangled up in... more
            • No surprises here - Danny, Fri Mar 2 10:17
              “Don’t worry, Dar-danny-us, I have complete faith in Holland. We know each other very well.” Generally irritated by the undesirable progression of his day and Ruben’s continued insistence on being an ... more
              • I'll try harder next time - Ruben, Sat Mar 17 16:48
                "If you're just looking for a fight-" If? Hah. He was pretty much always looking for a fight. There was not much point in day-to-day life if the majority of those days didn't contain something to... more
                • You nailed it - Danny, Sun Mar 18 16:26
                  It was plain to Danny that Ruben was going to hold him personally responsible for any hypothetical harm that came Holland’s way (this was not at all surprising; of course Ruben would blame Danny for... more
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