That's convenient, because I have none in you
Tue Feb 27, 2018 15:42

Concealed threats, despite being one of his primary skill sets, was not actually what he had been going for here. So the fact that Danny’s first response was to laugh was annoying, to say the least. He had experience with a wide variety of reactions to his threats, but laughter was still a more unusual reaction, and it took him a moment longer than it should have to smooth the reflexive frown back into a straight face. The Pureblood was making it pretty obvious that he had both heard the threat loud and clear and immediately disregarded it as something not ‘needed’. Knulla den gubben. It was completely necessary. Time to re-think his approach a little.

“Ja, you talked all about threatening the younger students,” Ruben shot back, blue eyes rolling. “But nothing about other ages. Are you not technically older? Surely you can handle a threat from someone who is only seventeen.” As both Durmstrang and life in general had taught him, age differences were one of the things that mattered least in threat-and-conflict situations. There was a reason why none of the organized sparring sessions he participated in bothered with age-divided groups over the age of, like, ten. Literally anyone could take out anyone else as long as they were properly trained and well-practiced in the techniques that took the most advantage of their physical body. Threats, which were more about mental fortitude than the physical, were the same. Minus the appearance of blood and/or bone, of course. The chances of that happening in verbal threats were not impossible but still moderately rare.

“Besides,” he continued on, “let us say that I believe you will not hurt Holland yourself.” Ruben didn’t give away any indicator of whether or not he actually believed that. He did believe Danny believed himself in saying that, but he was also rather familiar with the accidental-side-effects angle of things. Hen had literally broken up with him because he beat up some idiot in an entirely unrelated incident, after all, and who could have seen that coming? It seemed a waste of time to try explaining his real opinion to Danny, though. Part because Danny would probably just grab onto his example and flaunt it as a reason why he would be a better boyfriend (total nonsense, Ruben was a great boyfriend and he knew it) and part because it would mean admitting he thought Danny had the slight potential to be okay for Holland. Like, Danny had obviously been okay enough for Marissa to date, multiple times, which frankly said more about Danny’s lack of commitment than it did about Marissa’s taste in men, but the two seemed like they were still friends or something so, barring everything about their relationship that gave off bad signs, that was at least one good sign.

“The thing is, Holland being hurt is not up to you. You have a whooole fancy life,” he drawled, twirling his fork for emphasis, “and hens life is fancy in hens own way, but they are not in the same type. Anyone who dates you can be hurt, not by you but by your fancy life. Oden knows Marissa was, to go after this,” a gesture at himself, “even when she was still so obsessed with you for some reason.” That whole interaction with Marissa had been very strange. Fun, sure, and he’d appreciated it at the time, but in afterthought, Ruben was pretty sure that she wouldn’t have jumped him in such a random way if she hadn’t been hurt. And RMI’s gossip river, also known by the name of ‘Heather’, had confirmed that they broke up due to Marissa not being good enough for the Purebloods… or had that been the first breakup? Whatever. It all still fed into Marissa’s (un)questionably bad (good) choice for rebound sex.

“Sure, Holland can and will take care of themself, I know, but you cannot take care of your fancy life and keep it out of their perfect hair, and they cannot take care of all this garbage when they are also trying to reinvent magical theory and the space-time lines. So of course I am threatening you. I know some things about your Pureblood cult, and Holland and cults do not get along."” A heavy glare accompanied this statement. “The last time I and you had a real disagreement, you attacked me on impulse, and look where that got you. What makes you think that you can handle your fancy life and all of the people in it, who you know better than me and will not be so easy moving past an attack, without getting Holland and you both stabbed?” Not that he particularly cared about Danny’s health, but considering how the other boy had laughed initially, he doubted he’d be taken seriously without some more wholesome connection.

  • I had faith in you - Danny, Mon Feb 26 15:24
    It was tough to get along with Ruben. Even when the two seventh years didn’t have any particular quarrel, Danny found that the Swede just intentionally tried to make it difficult for people to like... more
    • That's convenient, because I have none in you - Ruben, Tue Feb 27 15:42
      • Well that was uncalled for - Danny, Tue Feb 27 20:28
        Sure, Danny could handle a threat from someone who was seventeen. However he doubted a few months on his side made up for Ruben’s pro-violence approach to conflict. He either hadn’t understood the... more
        • But surely not a surprise - Ruben, Thu Mar 1 22:52
          Danny’s face had the expression of someone trying very hard not to have any expression at all. The other boy was failing, obviously, because Ruben had spent literally over a decade tangled up in... more
          • No surprises here - Danny, Fri Mar 2 10:17
            “Don’t worry, Dar-danny-us, I have complete faith in Holland. We know each other very well.” Generally irritated by the undesirable progression of his day and Ruben’s continued insistence on being an ... more
            • I'll try harder next time - Ruben, Sat Mar 17 16:48
              "If you're just looking for a fight-" If? Hah. He was pretty much always looking for a fight. There was not much point in day-to-day life if the majority of those days didn't contain something to... more
              • You nailed it - Danny, Sun Mar 18 16:26
                It was plain to Danny that Ruben was going to hold him personally responsible for any hypothetical harm that came Holland’s way (this was not at all surprising; of course Ruben would blame Danny for... more
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