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Thu Mar 1, 2018 11:05

Bryn nodded thoughtfully as Myffi explained why she wasn’t actually the one behind what was going on. It made sense that she wouldn't be able to get the food and she definitely wasn't wrong in the fact that the house elves were not the type to just let someone change what was being served in the Diner. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Maybe the new headmaster was trying to be all inclusive or something, and that was why the Diner was severing Myffi-friendly food. Really, the Draco knew that it was probably a bit better for you, but he couldn't get over the fact that it was so weird (occasionally) in appearance and more often in texture. He couldn't be a vegetarian much less a vegan – giving up meat would be hard enough let alone forfeiting all animal products totally. But maybe he could do it every once in a while, because this tofu stuff wasn't all that bad.

"It's better than I thought it would be," the fifteen year old (almost sixteen – that was important) replied, waving his fork enthusiastically towards the not-chicken. The rice was good, seasoned nicely despite the lack of animal biproducts and even the meat replacement wasn't bad. "I could eat like this every once in a while, but I'd definitely miss some of the other stuff." Really, he almost admired Myffi a bit for her determination – Bryn's stomach grumbled at just thought of a steak. If it was him, he probably would have quit. He knew the Emilie had tried to go vegetarian for a while back in her fourth year at Durmstrang, but with how physically demanding her daily life was she hadn't had enough protein and had slowly switched back. As far as Bryn knew, she was still eating relatively healthily, mostly seafood when she could. If he remembered correctly, there was a term for that, but it wasn't forthcoming and so he didn't spend much effort on remembering it at all. It wasn't one of those important things that he needed to recall anyway.

He also had to admit that there was something better about the taste. He didn't feel the need to wash it all down and away with clean water, there wasn't a foul taste left in his mouth either. Whether or not it was going to sustain him until dinner remained to be seen, but at least it didn't taste like cardboard. "Is it hard to keep it up, like are you ever tempted to eat meat or something not vegan?" Bryn questioned, spooning another forkful into his mouth and chewing slowly. In order to get the right nutrients out of food you had to chew it slowly (another thing that Emilie's health kick had been good for was information about diets – everyone swore that despite her magical capabilities she was going to go on to be a muggle dietician). "I think it'd be too hard for me to keep it up for a long time."

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    “You mean, you’re not responsible for it?” a voice said. Myffi paused with her fork halfway raised to her mouth, and looked at the person who’d implicated her. It was Bryn, in the year below. They... more
    • Opinions are subject to change though - Bryn, Thu Mar 1 11:05
      • Perhaps I can change yours - Myffi, Fri Mar 2 14:57
        Bryn could have been a little more enthusiastic about the food, but he wasn’t rejecting it, so that was good enough for Myffi. He said he’d even be okay to eat vegan meals from time to time, which... more
        • I'm not so good at changing - Bryn, Thu Mar 8 12:32
          “Not in the way you’d imagine.” Bryn stared at the food infront of him as Myffi talked. Really, he couldn’t imagine how it would be easy to continually eat food like this. Despite the fact that it... more
          • “Sometimes a lack of choices,” Myffi replied to Bryn’s question, “but more often it’s not knowing what’s been put in things,” she nodded to demonstrate that he had understood the problem. “Like if... more
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