Perhaps I can change yours
Fri Mar 2, 2018 14:57

Bryn could have been a little more enthusiastic about the food, but he wasn’t rejecting it, so that was good enough for Myffi. He said he’d even be okay to eat vegan meals from time to time, which was totally fantastic to hear, and maybe what this whole lunch experience was all about in the first place, although he also said he’d miss some other foods. Myfanwy considered that while she continued to eat. She had been vegetarian as long as she could remember, so she was never even tempted to try meat or icky byproducts like gelatin. However she had only been vegan for a few years, so she did sometimes miss pizza, or fried egg on toast, but she actually could make vegan pizza if she was really keen, and she was happy to eat eggs if she knew they’d come from properly free range chickens, so she didn’t feel like she was properly missing out. Besides, it was a choice of her own satisfaction versus the welfare of animals and plants that didn’t get to have a say.

"Is it hard to keep it up, like are you ever tempted to eat meat or something not vegan?" Bryn asked. Myffi licked some flavoursome tomato sauce from her fork and thought properly about a truthful answer, beyond the impulsive ‘of course not’ she was tempted to deliver.

“Not in the way you’d imagine,” the Lyra eventually answered. “Like, I don’t want to eat food that has caused some damage in its production,” she elaborated, “so I really don’t mind not eating meat, or buying leather, or anything else like that, that people seem to think it such a massive part of life that they can’t give it up. It’s just, sometimes it’s really tricky to find food to eat that is safe,” she said wistfully. “Even here, this is the first time since I came to the school last year when I’ve been able to just sit down at a mealtime and know I can choose anything I want to eat. I’ll be honest, I love it. I could have this pasta, or that curry, or bread or those fritters look amazing.” An idea occurred to her. “I’m definitely smuggling some of it back to my room to eat for the rest of the week,” she divulged to Bryn quite seriously. “So basically sometimes I get bored of having to work so hard for my food when everyone else just seems happy to sit down and eat it. I do wish i could do that. But whenever I think about it, I feel like I’ve really let myself down, you know?”

Myfanwy angled her fork to scrape up all the pasts from her dish to not leave any waste. “What is it you think you would miss?” Bryn had said he couldn’t eat vegan all the time, so she was curious what parts of his diet would prevent him from doing that.

  • Bryn nodded thoughtfully as Myffi explained why she wasn’t actually the one behind what was going on. It made sense that she wouldn't be able to get the food and she definitely wasn't wrong in the... more
    • Perhaps I can change yours - Myffi, Fri Mar 2 14:57
      • I'm not so good at changing - Bryn, Thu Mar 8 12:32
        “Not in the way you’d imagine.” Bryn stared at the food infront of him as Myffi talked. Really, he couldn’t imagine how it would be easy to continually eat food like this. Despite the fact that it... more
        • “Sometimes a lack of choices,” Myffi replied to Bryn’s question, “but more often it’s not knowing what’s been put in things,” she nodded to demonstrate that he had understood the problem. “Like if... more
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