Good point, well made
Fri Mar 2, 2018 15:47

Claudia would not describe families breakfasts as perfect, but Caleb’s interpretation was sufficiently appreciative that Claudia graced him with another smile, which held fast as he told her a little more about his own family life. It sounded louder and more hectic than Claudia’s. “I can’t help but feel sorry for your poor sister,” she said, her tone and a coy smile indicating she was teasing. It was not often how she conversed with comparative strangers, but Caleb apparently had a special talent for making her feel at ease. “I’m having enough trouble with just one older brother.” Merlin only knew how she was able to joke about this; it was probably another defence her mind was employing to prevent her from having to deal with the impossible truth. “Although perhaps you will be less frustrating,” she suggested. It seemed likely: right now anyone was less frustrating than Dardanius.

Feeling far more like her usual self already, Claudia was now beginning to become self-conscious about standing conversing in a corridor. However she was not at all disposed to revisit the Diner so soon after making such an exhibition. She entertained the idea of going to Pearl Street for a moment, but she still considered it impropriety to be in public unchaperoned with a boy whose integrity she had yet to verify. Besides, it was evening, and she had eaten, and venturing out above the school at such a time was not generally understood to be a platonic pastime. She might be swayed to consider accepting such an invitation, but she could not contemplate suggesting the excursion herself. For the moment she resigned herself to populating the corridor a while longer.

“Tell me what you like to do over the summer,” she invited him to share his experiences, as she had done. If anyone this morning had suggested to Claudia that by the end of the day she would consider Caleb Taylor amongst her (currently very small) collection of friends, the fourth year might not have believed it. Yet here she was, enjoying learning what she could about him. “And what’s your favorite way to pass the time?” He had asked that she singled out a prefered activity, so it was only fair the she required him to do the same.

  • Caleb listened intently as Claudia talked about her summer breaks. They sounded relaxing and low-key, especially compared to his summers. Caleb’s summer was active from dawn to dusk. Most of his time ... more
    • Good point, well made - Claudia, Fri Mar 2 15:47
      • Thank you - Caleb, Sun Mar 18 23:50
        “Thats easy,” Caleb declared with a big grin, “Quidditch.” Caleb didn't hesitate to give an answer to Claudia’s inquiry. Since he had been a small boy he had focused his energy on mastering the noble ... more
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