Russell Drew plus Two
Umm yes, I have a family, see
Wed Mar 7, 2018 17:56

"Russell, honey, is that a new tie?"

Russell Honey briefly considered telling her that no, actually, he'd bought it last year on one of the rare-and-fun-but-still-too-many Pearl Street excursions Marissa had invited him on while they were preparing outfits for their dance. Except that would remind her that she hadn't been able (or perhaps willing) to get time off work to attend the Talent Show. That, in turn, meant she would get apologetic all over again. And that just sounded like too much awkward on top of an already-awkward dinner with his few friends, numerous non-friends, and the horde of strangers that were their families. So instead, he just nodded. "Yeah, Mom. Fresh off Pearl Street."

"How charming!" Pretending to take interest in the avian pattern, Heather Drew took advantage of her son's tall-even-when-stooped frame and the currently eye-level-as-a-result tie to feign studying it, while actually studying the way that his shirt hung around his torso. Was he losing weight again? Or gaining height? "Have you been eating well?" Somewhere on the big table they hadn't yet investigated, she could smell squash. Good, hearty vegetable. An extra helping of that, plus Thanksgiving meat, of course... hm, what were the chances RMI would have a properly smoked turducken on today's menu? A higher chance than most non-magical boarding schools, surely, especially with the current rise in duck prices per pound.

"Yeah," Russell repeated, tolerating the distaction tactics he had quickly picked up on, "I'm eating fine." Better than Jaws, at least, although that, too, went unsaid. His mom's position as sous-chef at the Citizen had its pros and cons, and an intrinsic despise of rodents was definitely a big con. Also definitely not the worst con. She tolerated him keeping mice, as long as they stayed in a cage in his room and she didn't have to acknowledge their existence at all. Fortunately, the benefit of her reluctance to admit to anyone including Russell that he had a pet mouse meant that keeping up appearances on the first point was easy.

Because no, he never let Jaws run freely around the basement that she never went into, or hand-fed him little bits of expensive cheese right on the kitchen island while she was at work, or anything of the sort. Nope, never, not at all. (He rather suspected that his mom and Holland shared some common views on the nature of mice in that regard. However, the difference was that Holland's requests were reasonable. He could refrain from letting Jaws nap in his hair; he couldn't leave the little guy caged up for life.)

"Let's go have a bite," his mom suggested. Russell permitted himself a small sigh, giving a wistful glance towards the doorway and darker, quieter hall beyond, but obligingly uttered agreement and, at her insistence, led the way to the big table. Testing his luck by guiding them to an emptier section, his first choice of seats were apparently Not Right, as she only gave him a bemused smile and a pat on the arm before changing direction to pick out three chairs right beside another family. Sigh, again.

Before he knew it, she was sitting and taking him down with her, and then talking and pulling him along with her too. "Hello there, happy Thanksgiving!" The slightly greying woman (but slightly enough that it could be covered up with a bottle and thus didn’t count, according to her, Russell of course having no opinion on the matter) held out her hand to offer a formal greeting to the nearest adult. "Heather Drew, pleasure to meet you. I'm Russell here's mother. Such a lovely dining hall this is, don't you think?" Russell Here nodded his own much quieter greeting, hands fidgeting, unfolding and re-folding the cloth napkin in his lap. Mom was good at making conversation. Maybe dinner wouldn’t be too awkward after all…

…Or never mind that, because now Mom was standing up again and why? "Excuse me a moment, please; I've got to keep my husband from electrocuting himself, or whatever the magic version of that is." She laughed – the contrived but pleasant laugh of excessive volume that he recognized immediately from visits to her restaurant – and walked off behind him. Russell turned to watch her beeline towards the opposite wall. His dad was standing with his back to them, but the energetic way he was flailing his hands around in front of the moving picture-windows suggested that he found them particularly exciting. No surprises there; he worked in software. Weird tech was his specialty.

Turning his attention back to the table, he immediately made unintentional eye contact with one of his unintentional seating neighbours. Russell blushed. "Hey. So, uh, what's good?" he asked, a bit lamely, gesturing at the variety of dishes in front of them.

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            • You mean you're NOT one of us? - Myffi, Tue Mar 20 10:26
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    • Umm yes, I have a family, see - Russell Drew plus Two, Wed Mar 7 17:56
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