I'm not so good at changing
Thu Mar 8, 2018 12:32

“Not in the way you’d imagine.”

Bryn stared at the food infront of him as Myffi talked. Really, he couldn’t imagine how it would be easy to continually eat food like this. Despite the fact that it was deceptively tasty, he guessed that he really didn’t care about the idea that some types of foods came from harming things. It wasn’t why Emilie had tried what she did, that had been purely for health. With that reasoning, the Draco might have been able to consider alternatives every once in a while. Like a cleanse or something if that made any sense (because could cleanses actually be anything besides like liquids? He didn’t know and wrote that off as something to ask Emilie later if it made sense). Emilie knew a lot about this kind of stuff, but her reasons were far from any kind of animal cruelty. It was just because it made her physically feel better and he could definitely see the appeal in that.

Another thing in Myffi’s statement that he could understand was the idea of leathers. But technically weren’t most of their clothes made from some type of animal? Well, most didn’t actually harm the animal – you just took their fur or wool in opposition to actually killing and skinning the animal. All those clothes were gross and weird anyway. Bryn preferred the manufactured stuff anyway. His blue jeans and green shirt fit him just fine, no need for anything fancier than that. Well, some of his clothes could get fancy if his mother required it, but other than that he preferred the comforts of clothes that were cheap enough that his rapidly growing frame could grow out of without costing a small fortune. Plus, he had bought some in a bit of a bigger size so that he could actually grow into them. He didn’t like wearing those though, they made him look smaller than he was and that was a no go. Leather was weird – denim was just fine by him. Honestly, it just looked unnatural on most people and guys definitely shouldn’t wear it – unless they wanted to and that was up to them. Bryn wasn’t one to judge.

But the way Myffi was talking made the fifth year realize that he really didn’t know all that much about their lifestyle. It seemed like it would be easy to cut meat out. But cutting out everything was just overly difficult. It had never occurred to him that maybe it was hard to get food that was vegan-friendly and he frowned down at the food on his plate. It wasn’t very fair to the students that couldn’t (or chose not to) consume certain products that the food in the Diner wasn’t full of different options. Or even just not knowing what was in something would be a determining factor for whether or not that person could eat it. “Is it hard for you to find things all the time?” He asked, curious after she mentioned not really eating in the diner. “Is it just a lack of choices or because it’s hard to tell what’s been put in things?”

Maybe labels would help – labels helped with a lot of things. But oh- Myffi was asking him a question now and he totally wasn’t paying attention and that was bad because he’d been more interested in labels.

“You know,” Bryn said, pushing some of the beans around on his plate and trying to stop thinking about organizational labelling. “I’m not really sure what I would miss.” It seemed like a rather lousy answer but it was an honest one. There wasn’t anything he could say that he’d really miss. In fact he didn’t even know what he liked so much about it. The taste? The texture? With time you could get over those things. “I guess it’s just a habit and routine I’m so used to. No one likes change, and I thinking changing would be the hardest for me.”

  • Perhaps I can change yours - Myffi, Fri Mar 2 14:57
    Bryn could have been a little more enthusiastic about the food, but he wasn’t rejecting it, so that was good enough for Myffi. He said he’d even be okay to eat vegan meals from time to time, which... more
    • I'm not so good at changing - Bryn, Thu Mar 8 12:32
      • “Sometimes a lack of choices,” Myffi replied to Bryn’s question, “but more often it’s not knowing what’s been put in things,” she nodded to demonstrate that he had understood the problem. “Like if... more
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