I wouldn't call a padded room fun.
Fri Mar 9, 2018 02:48

Leon thought a moment, then he sighed, "yeah, I guess you are right about that." The first year moved into a more comfortable position and just stared at the older boy.

He seemed to know everything, and seemed cool. Did Leon seem that cool? Probably not. Leon opened his mouth to say something then got lost in thought for a bit. "I completely forgot what I was going to say, but you are pretty awesome you know that?" Leon smiled genuinely.

It was just something to fill the space, but, it was also really true. Leon knew no one outside of his family, and his brother and sister where really mean to him. Leon was "special" and therefor the one to be picked on the most in the household. Though his siblings knew nothing of his gift they still persecuted him relentlessly. One time the locked him in a closet for 5 hours, that was the last time their mom left them alone with Leon.

Leon grew comfortable with the quite of his room, and only looked forward to the early morning Beach trips, or when they would travel for his fathers work. Then he was allowed in the pool.

After a train of thought shot by, Leon smiled again, "So, are there any clubs I could join, like... to... I don't know... get to know more about the basics you take for granted, 'cause I want to know what is being said and not be completely lost." He instantly regretted saying that. Thankfully, Drew's father for them to follow him, which got the awkward boy out of the situation.

What an interesting start to the year Leon was having, after all he now had a new friend.

  • But fun! - Drew, Tue Feb 6 23:26
    Deep in thought, Drew took a cupcake from the house elf’s tray. Leon had said a lot of really intense stuff. Drew was not really up to dealing with that for a few reasons: 1) because it was the... more
    • I wouldn't call a padded room fun. - Leon, Fri Mar 9 02:48
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