Even a caterpillar can become a butterfly
Sat Mar 10, 2018 14:57

“Sometimes a lack of choices,” Myffi replied to Bryn’s question, “but more often it’s not knowing what’s been put in things,” she nodded to demonstrate that he had understood the problem. “Like if there is a piece of fruit, I have no way of knowing if it’s been grown using pesticides, which can damage surrounding ecosystems, poisoning neighbouring plants and insects, polluting food sources for animals, and even flowing into water supplies. If it is organic, that’s great, but maybe it was grown in a country that doesn’t pay fair wages, and has traveled thousands of miles burning planet-destroying fossil fuels to be on my plate. You know? Back home in Wales I could eat more easily because loads of our food came from local farmers, and I knew the eggs came from chickens that were free range and the milk was from happy cows in the fields behind my house. Even where my family lives now in California they grown a lot of their own food and purchase more of it wholesale from trusted farms so I can be sure I’m eating responsibly. But here it’s harder, nothing is guaranteed, so I have to be more creative. It’s kind of a nuisance, to be honest,” she admitted. At least this lunch suggested Toby was on board with supporting her ideas; if food in the Diner was always labelled this way, even if not all of it was vegan and cruelty free all the time, at least Myfanwy would know which foods were safe for her to eat in good conscience.

She appreciated Bryn’s honesty that he was reluctant to change for the sake of change itself, not because he would miss anything specific. “Change can be difficult,” she nodded sagely. She would know - she still found it hard some days that she was living at a boarding school in Colorado rather than being tutored magic by her own Dad in their home in Wales while she attended the local school with her Muggle friends in the daytime. Now going ‘home’ meant the commune in California, and her main contact to her former life was the friendship bracelets she wore every day on her wrists. She tugged at one for a quick boost of nostalgia.

“You don’t have to do it all in one go,” she suggested with a shrug. “Like a lot of people give up meat maybe one day a week. You could start there, that doesn’t sound like it would be too hard.” Myffi had never pressured anyone into changing their attitudes or behaviours, but she would definitely be there to encourage someone if they wanted to make an improvement. “I could be like a support buddy if you wanted,” she said semi-seriously with an abbreviated chuckle to let him know there would be no hard feelings if he wasn’t up to the challenge. “I don’t always have my meals in the Diner because I make a lot of them myself, but if you ever did want any advice or tips on being more planet-friendly I’m totally here for that,” she enthused.

  • I'm not so good at changing - Bryn, Thu Mar 8 12:32
    “Not in the way you’d imagine.” Bryn stared at the food infront of him as Myffi talked. Really, he couldn’t imagine how it would be easy to continually eat food like this. Despite the fact that it... more
    • Even a caterpillar can become a butterfly - Myffi, Sat Mar 10 14:57
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