Remington Burnham (and Family)
It's definitely a weird one
Wed Mar 14, 2018 21:55

“Mom! Daddy!” Remington’s shiny, rose gold sneakers squeaked across the floor as she nearly ran to her parents. Mark and Yanessey Burnham beamed and scooped their teenage daughter into their arms. Both missed their girl while she was at school, but they also understood that she’d probably have the typical, sick-of-her-parents teenage angst by now if she were home. They were incredibly lucky.

It took very little for them to excitedly talk over each other. Family news overlapped with Remington’s news about her latest Cultural Studies class. They wrote each other every week, it seemed like, but there was always more to say.

Mija, look at you!” Yanessey took a step back so she could take in her daughter. Her thirteen year old had on a dark blue turtleneck that almost looked like a poncho, space leggings, yellow dangly earrings (when did she get her ears pierced?!), her usual giant bow (this time with Feminist written across the middle in flashing lights), and makeup. It was well done makeup, too. She gently placed a hand on Remington’s shoulders. “Did you get taller? Are you eating?” She sighed and shook her head. “Like a bird, I bet.”

“Well, actually, I hope I’m eating less than a bird,” Remington pointed out with a huff, “Birds eat about half of their body weight every day.”

Mark laughed. “There’s the fact based sass we know and love.”

They talked back and forth for a little while longer. Remington showed them the Finer Diner and Mark complained about the lack of fried turkey (no one was surprised) and Yanessey had to be steered away from a conversation about the real history of Thanksgiving. Eventually her parents were distracted with other parents. Mark and Yanessey really wanted to meet Director Tennant and Professor McKindy. The Draco assumed they wanted to meet the parents of her other friends, too, but she didn’t know if they were there. Dade’s parents definitely weren’t coming, and Remington wasn’t sure she wanted to meet the two adults responsible for bringing a red-headed DeeDee into the world. Kit had to get it from somewhere.

Remington turned away from her family to see if she could find Dade. Her friend hadn’t seemed particularly interested in coming to Thanksgiving, but she still wanted him to meet her family. She’d barely started to look when someone bumped into her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to nock you.”

She blinked her brown eyes and smiled brightly. “No, you’re okay!” It took her a moment to realize who was talking to her, but her brain caught up. “You’re Satveer, right? You did the magic carpets on the Pitch. That was so cool.”

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    Satveer wasn’t sure how to approach the Thanksgiving celebration. Last year he had missed it as he and his family spent a week with his mother’s family in India, attending a Gurpurb. Gurpurbs are... more
    • It's definitely a weird one - Remington Burnham (and Family), Wed Mar 14 21:55
      • Isn't there a parade at this kinds of things? - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 15 10:15
        Satveer felt a little relieved that his family weren’t there. He thought he was clumsier at school that he potentially should be. Knocking a stranger enough to distract them from their task to engage ... more
        • I think we missed it - Remington, Sat Mar 17 19:55
          Remington smiled more, glad she got the name right on her first try. She knew who he was (she was rarely wrong about things, honestly), but it was still nice to get the validation that a correct... more
          • "mi alfombra su alfombra" - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 22 08:54
            Remington was a polite and well-spoken girl. She seemed a lot more mature than Satveer. He couldn’t quite tell what it was, whether it was her mannerism or how she spoke, it was just something about... more
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