Satveer Mittal
Isn't there a parade at this kinds of things?
Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:15

Satveer felt a little relieved that his family weren’t there. He thought he was clumsier at school that he potentially should be. Knocking a stranger enough to distract them from their task to engage you, would have certainly been picked up by his father. However, he was sure his family would have liked to have seen the school like this. Especially his magically-deficient siblings. They had been around magic before, but this was something different. Satveer REALLY enjoyed being apart of something they weren’t, and this would be the perfect time to show off about it.

The girl had recognised Satveer from the flying carpet event on the Quidditch Pitch. Whilst he tried to hide the fact, Satveer quite enjoyed the recognition he received from the event. It meant he had a thing. The kind of thing that made people say “Satveer, you know the flying carpet guy”, or at least that’s how he interpreted it. The recognition also had the temporary effect of inflating his ego to the scale of a Macy’s Day parade balloon. He’d seen one on TV at some point, apparently it was a big thing in the muggle calendar. However a combination of his self-esteem and the nagging voice of his conscious, that sounded suspiciously like his father, stating ”Pride comes before a fall” soon returned his ego to a more regular size.

“Thank you” Satveer smiled answering the girl who stood before him, “I mean, yeah, that’s me.”

Satveer stood back slightly. He didn’t want to continually invade other people’s personal space, or have them invade his. In doing so, he quickly cast a quick eye over the girl that stood before him, in the context of the other guests and students. He felt comfortable that he’d dressed accordingly for the celebration. Wearing his purple turban, a brand-new pair of traditional black, high top converse, (a gift from his parents in lieu of the Gurpurb), black jeans and a white cotton shirt . The shirt was one of his favourite items of clothing. It had three buttons at the top and three-quarter length arms. It was soft on the skin, and textured to the touch. It looked sophisticated yet casual, and the last few times he’d worn it, he thought it made him seem attractive (though this was a new feeling and he was sure that feeling would soon go away).

Satveer didn’t want to appear, big headed or rude so he turned the conversation back to the girl. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name. Did you get to have a go?” he asked. “flying the carpet, I mean.”

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    • Isn't there a parade at this kinds of things? - Satveer Mittal, Thu Mar 15 10:15
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