Emmett Lawrence and family
That's pretty much the premise, yeah.
Sat Mar 17, 2018 12:30

School was weird this year, to put it simply. Emmett still hadn’t quite gotten used to the whole Holland and Danny thing, and there was something wrong between Marissa and Rose. The whole group dynamic had gone through a lot of changes in the last few years - Emmett mostly blamed people like Ruben and Russell for that, showing up and worming their way close to the group - but this was probably the strangest edition. Him and Rose, Danny and Holland, Marissa and… Yeah, it was strange.

He didn’t know how to fix the girls’ issues, but he was quick to volunteer his family’s company for the feast when Rose mentioned the weirdness. Emmett realized immediately thereafter that it was probably a terrible idea since she had never met his parents before and also Mikey was a total ass who would probably spend the whole time trolling them, but it was the boyfriend-ly thing to do, and he did want to spend time with her, even if it was bound to be awkward. At least his sister was a normal human being. Maybe that would save things. It was a lot of responsibility in this family, being the relatively normal one, but “Though she be but little, she is fierce” or whatever. If anyone could handle it, Hestaea could.

Meeting up with them, he was relieved to his brother at least wasn’t dressed like a total douchebag, which was personal growth. “Hey, guys,” he greeted the group. Emmett was tempted to offer a tour later, but he remembered quickly that his parents were alumni, and he doubted much had changed.

Still, Michael and Avril Lawrence glanced around the Diner as the family said their hellos, the latter with a much wider eye than the former, as was the case in pretty much all matters. As the five moved toward a table, she elbowed her husband playfully and gestured in the direction of the pie eating contest area. “Good old Boot,” he muttered, shaking his head.

They took their seats, with an empty one saved between Emmett and Hestaea and the three wild cards across the table. Fortunately, his mother was across from what would be Rose’s, as she was the next most normal person in the family (Emmett had the whole group ranked) which left his father and Mikey on her peripherals.

The moment Emmett heard her voice, his head turned to face her, and with visual confirmation of her approach, he quickly rose from his seat to hug her and pull out her chair. “Hey,” he grinned. “Welcome to the party.” That was dumb.

“Traveling was fine,” Hestaea answered. “One portkey for four adults isn’t the most fun, but it works. And it’s nice to see you again, Rose,” she added with a smile. Hestaea often allowed Emmett’s friends to visit him at her apartment - their father didn’t allow him to have opposite-sex sleepovers, which she felt was ridiculous because what was Emmett going to get up to? - and found that she liked his group. She was glad, albeit surprised, to have learned he was now dating the other girl she had met.

“It’s more like three adults and a child, size-wise,” Mikey quipped. “So that probably helps.” He grinned at his own dumb humor, not noticing or caring about the eyeroll his little brother gave, and nodded in Rose’s direction to agree with his sister’s other point. Mikey was still fairly shocked that Emmett had now landed not one but two girlfriends in his time, so he was pretty skeptical that Rose was, like, a real human, but he liked her anyway.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Rose,” said Emmett’s mother, ignoring her other son’s commentary. She loved both her boys and her step-daughter greatly, but at this point, she had pretty much given up. “I’m Avril, Emmett’s mother. And this is my husband, Michael.” Michael Lawrence Sr. gave a polite nod. “We’re glad to have you joining us. We’ve heard so much about you.”

Emmett jarred slightly at this, because he had definitely not talked to his parents very much about Rose. He was close to his mother, yes, but he wasn’t about to talk to her about girls. And his father was… well, not the guy for it either. Hell, he was more likely to talk to Holland’s dad than his own. (Which reminded him that Monty and Bryony were probably here and he would have to go say hi at some point.) So either Mikey or Hestaea had been feeding information on his love life to their parents, or else his mom was lying in an attempt to be helpful. So that was fun.

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    • That's pretty much the premise, yeah. - Emmett Lawrence and family, Sat Mar 17 12:30
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